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Meitei and Kuki Scholars Appeal for Peace in Manipur

In a remarkable display of unity and a fervent call for tranquility, two distinguished scholars hailing from the Meitei and Kuki communities of Manipur, Dr. Yengkhom Jilangamba and Dr. Thangzakhup Tombing, convened on a shared platform in Guwahati to advocate for peace in the strife-torn state. Manipur has been gripped by a period of tumultuous unrest that has persisted for the past four months. This compelling appeal for peace emerged during a public gathering organsied by the Axom Nagarik Samaj in Guwahati, underscoring the urgent need for reconciliation and resolution in the region.

The gathering witnessed Dr. Yengkhom Jilangamba, an assistant professor at the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Guwahati, and Dr. Thangzakhup Tombing, serving as an assistant professor at the National Law University in Amingaon, coming together to lend their voices to the chorus of peace. In their impassioned addresses, these scholars implored the warring factions within Manipur to lay down their arms and seek amicable solutions to their differences. Furthermore, they called upon the government to embark on a proactive approach in addressing the root causes of the prevailing conflict.

Dr. Jilangamba emphasized that the crisis unfolding in Manipur is not merely a localized issue but a regional concern of paramount significance. He underscored the urgent need for the entire Northeast India to receive the due attention and assistance from the Central government, emphasizing that the region has been historically overlooked.

Dr. Tombing spoke the impediments to the peace process within Manipur, citing the hindrance posed by the Naga council's unyielding stance regarding land claims. He underscored the necessity for the state government to undertake measures aimed at disarming the warring factions and establishing a conducive atmosphere for meaningful peace negotiations to transpire.

The gathering featured a distinguished speakers, each adding their unique perspective to the clarion call for peace. Notable figures such as Dr. Hiren Gohain, a renowned scholar and intellectual, Thomas Menamparampil, the former Archbishop of Guwahati, the eminent theatre personality Kulada Kumar Bhattacharjee, the retired IAS officer D. N. Saikia, and the veteran journalist Haidar Hussain all lent their voices to this resounding plea for peace.

 Paresh Malakar, the general secretary of the Axom Nagarik Samaj, emphasized the urgency of restoring peace in Manipur during his welcome address. He raised a poignant question, questioning how the Central government could remain silent and indifferent when Manipur had been engulfed in flames and turmoil for an extended period. In essence, this gathering of scholarly minds and concerned citizens serves as a powerful testament to the pressing need for peace in Manipur. The voices of Dr. Yengkhom Jilangamba and Dr. Thangzakhup Tombing, along with the chorus of other eminent speakers, resonate as a fervent plea to end the suffering and strife in Manipur and chart a path toward lasting harmony and prosperity.

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