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Coal mafia shot dead in Hailakandi

Assam Police shot dead a coal mafia in the Hailakandi district of Assam,as he tries to flee.

On Saturday, Hailakandi Police managed to arrest accused Abdul Ahad Choudhury from his residence.Accused is known to be a resident of Sutarkandi, Karimganj.He was then brought to Lala PS for interrogation, where he tried escaping the police custody and was shot dead.

On April 10, some illegal coal stocks were detained by Lala Police, under case No. 110/22. While investigating, Lala Police arrested two suspects named Manoj Roy and Nirupam Das.

These suspects when interrogated, Lala Police finds Abdul Ahad Choudhury behind this whole nexus.

Based on evidence, Hailakandi Police raided Hailakandi, Karimganj and Silchar.

On April 30, early in the  morning ,Hailakandi police succeeded in arresting Abdul Ahad Choudhury from his own residence.

Around 11am in the morning, Ahad was taken  to Lala PHC for a  medical examination.

"While the Investigation officer was completing the medical formalities, the offender Ahad overpowering the police constable, took advantage of the crowd and ran towards the traffic and escaped,” informs Gaurav Upadhyay, SP Hailakandi.

No sooner had he escaped, the Hailakandi Police imposed alerts and checkpoints in every part of the district as well as in the whole state. 

 The driver initiated to get a hold of Ahad when suddenly Hailakandi Police got the information that the accused might enter the Karimganj district through the Lakhimpur road.

Accordingly, Lala Police had put checkpoints in that area.

On May 1,around 1am, while two people riding a bike was stopped in that checkpoint, police encountered escaped Ahad sitting behind and armed.

Ahad started firing over the police officials while nobody was hurt.

In retaliation, police officials shot Ahad in the legs.He fell down while his fellow mate escaped the incident.

Ahad was immediately admitted to the hospital where he was declared dead by the Doctor.

Hailakandi Police have begun raids to get a hold upon the offender's fellow mate.

Gaurav Upadhyay, SP Hailakandi, speaking to Assam Times said," as per the order from the Assam Government, not only Hailakandi Police, every district police has been very active and strict towards this type nexus.”

He added that the accused Abdul Ahad Choudhury had been a habitual offender.While Gaurav was posted as an SP in Karimganj district, he arrested Ahad many times.More than 50 cases have been registered against Ahad, informs Gaurav.

Hailakandi District President, Raijor Dal, Johir Uddin Laskar, speaking to Assam Times, described his grief towards the misuse of police power. It is a complete violation of the law system and the judiciary.

Assam has now become an encounter hub nowadays.It is high time for the judiciary to intervene in this matter, said Johir Uddin.

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Jahir Ahmed Barbhuiya reports from Hailakandi, Assam

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