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A visit to Udalguri relief camp

Assamese people who are living in the camp.
Assamese people who are living in the camp

Bhakatpara relief Camp
Bhakatpara relief Camp

Boro women in the Relief Camp
Boro women in the Relief Camp

Children in the Camp
Children in the Camp

Children in the Relief Camp
Children in the Relief Camp

House of Rameswar Mushahary,which was completly burnt
House of Rameswar Mushahary,which was completly burnt

Music in the Camp. This garo boy bought the guitar when he came to the Bhakatpara relief camp.
Music in the Camp. This garo boy bought the guitar when he came to the Bhakatpara relief camp.

People from Kalitapara who are in the relief Camp
People from Kalitapara who are in the relief Camp

View of the Camp
View of the Camp

Photo by Ranjan K Baruah

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Sidhartha Das's picture

A horrible situation back home. Something created by every subsequent governments. A dormant volcano which ultimately burst with a horrific causalities and suffering by the ethnic indigenous peoples.
monib mochahari's picture

Very tragic, such photos should be sent to the Chief Minister of Assam.
john's picture

It is really disheartening to see the people back home in Assam are being made to live in such a doom in their own backyard. There is no reason at all that the indigenous people of Assam should be at the receiving end of this fateful disturbances created by the so called the illegal Bangladeshis. This is most vulnerable act which an outsider can create to the peaceful existence of others. And these illegal migrants do not even apply a second thought of conscience that interfering in other peoples' peace of mind is the worst kind of inhuman act ever that a human can do. I deeply feel hurt to see the indigenous people of Assam are living like slaves in their own kingdom. This is not justified at all in any sense. This inhuman incident has disturbed the conscience of the people of Assam and will not banish so easily from their minds. I wish all the indigenous people of Assam to stand united in this time of test. I deeply sympathize with the victims and remain oppose to the illegal migrants to the end who are solely responsible for incident.
Juel Narzari's picture

"Startling tragic but True". How can genuine/legitimate inhabitants of Assam are systematically being burnt down houses, killed, destroyed their properties. It is the most pityfull sight to have. Will these photos make any sense to our Most honourable Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma? They are the most incompetent leader of Assam. I am sure everybody will agree with me.Think about the chief minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi who is ruling the government like the Central govt.
Dorika Barua's picture

The first week of October, 2008, we saw the attack on native people by immigrant Muslims. Now, we shall see the govt drama to protect the Bangladeshi culprits. This is in reference to the news article "Action plan for rehab of riot-hit people" (The Assam Tribune, Monday, Oct 13). It is reported that the Darrang district administration has chalked out an action plan for the rehabilitation of the people displaced in the recent ethnic clashes and the process of sending back the displaced people has already started. The Real Drama Starts Now. It would be interesting to note the way the Assam politicians lend all support and funds to the illegal migrants from Bangladesh. With the Assembly Elections 2009 round the corner, the world can see how the so called political leaders would pose as the saviors of the Bangladeshi migrants at the cost of the existence of the Native populace. Instead of deporting the illegal migrants in ferries down the Brahmaputra to river Padma or arranging trains to send them back home to Bangladesh, the politicians of the state will try to appease the immigrants to sustain their Vote Bank.
Kripaljyoti Mazumdar's picture

Very Tragic. Please send this photos to one non-sensitive fellow, no one but the Chief Minister of Assam. I have doubts is he aware about this or not? Mr. Tarun Gogoi down down....
Pranab J Patar's picture

Yeah.... its really unfortunate for the Assamese community as a whole. The problem of illegal migrants has always been a cause of concern for all the native Assamese. The irony of this country is that each n every issue is being politicized for some reason or other... And for an socially acceptable and sustainable solution, there is an urgent need for a fine balance between the political aspiration and political opposition. However, the work done by Ranjan Baruah is really appreciable in bringing out this matter through this pictorial presentation.
Duah Khan's picture

This in indeed a big tragedy and we here in Pakistan also condemn such acts across both sides of the border. What is the government of India doing for the survivors? Hope they are not going to make a committee which will do nothing and take some practical action to stop such heinous acts of terrorizing masses. Hats off to Mr. Baruah for showing the real picture to the world!
Chitralee Kashyap's picture

It is really unfortunate to see our indigenous people in the camp. The time is not far when the attack will be to any one of us , so we need to prepare ourselves and take a firm stand against all illegal Bangladeshis who are in side Assam or North East. Let there be economic boycott for all doubtful people. Lets do something else we will be no where but our destination will be some relief camp like " Guwahati Relief Camp or Dispur Relief Camp"
Manoj Gorlosa's picture

All the ethnic communities must work together to solve this problem . No one can do anything alone, AASU can take initiatives but they must take in all other student organisation or other tribal organisation. Good Work by the photographer.
Jyotirmoy Sharma's picture

Does anyone know Tarun Gogoi's email? Let's all send him these pics with messages. Make sure to CC his other half, Himanta Sarma. Checked the Assam Govt website and there was no email information.
saito's picture

MLA's and MP's and vested interest leaders must be evicted and forced to stay in the relief camps. Why the innocence has to suffer from this dirty games. Victims need to be politicians too who always looks for violence but never learnt to play development politics. For the present political leaderships politics means abusing power but not the opportunity for giving chance for development. In simple terms for them is to amass wealth as the person can digest.
Rupak Kalita's picture

Lets kick out the Bangladeshis.
noni's picture

Shocking...and painful...refugee in own soil....
danny's picture

The above pictures clearly show what Bangladeshis have done to the ethnic people of Assam, it is high time that all the ethnic groups unite & drive this Bangladeshis out of Assam. CM & his team has forgotten that they are from the same blood whom the Bangladeshis are attacking.
Shyam Thakur's picture

I request all concerned people to browse more stories related to the same on various web portals. Some of the writer are trying to make it communal by using phrase like Muslim kidnapped by Boro tribal. Like the politicians there are some dirty writers too, it is not a question of Hindu or Muslim its a clear issue of clash between indigenous people and doubtful illegal migrants.
Kangkan Goswami's picture

Assam has become the hub of Bangladeshis and the politicians are busy with just vote bank politics. Assamese people are not of their interest except election time. Painful pictures... The Bangladeshi rule about to begin.
Wahidur Alam's picture

Can you upload photos from the other camps too. If you put the photos from different camps the picture becomes more clear. All who suffered are not illegal migrants , there might be few but you cant blame all as illegal migrants. But we must be careful in the future so that this kind of incidence do not occur.
Ranjan K Baruah's picture

Thanks for your suggestion Mr Alam. I shall update you with the news from other camps too.
prateek verma's picture

It is high time that all the ethnic groups unite & drive this Bangladeshis out of Assam. CM & his team has forgotten that they are from the same blood whom the Bangladeshis are attacking.
Annonymouse's picture

Will only kicking bangladeshis even help? i see its of no use when there are people like <strike><b>Paresh Baruah</b></strike> etc, assam will never be in any peace we must first kill those assamese betrayers like ulfa those facist rebels saying they are fighting for assam but killing their own people for their own needs. i say who they think they are to judge of what we the civilians what? Go to hell <strike><b>Paresh Baruah</b></strike> die like a pig, u the biggest betrayer of assam we curse u for that.
C Kashyap's picture

Recently I was going through the NH 52 and it was interesting to note that there are still relief camps on the road side. One thing comes to my mind is is there any follow up on peace buliding or development after the clashes by the governemnt?
Manas P Dihingiya's picture

Its true that still the problem has not been solved. Similar clash might take place in the future too. The governemnt and other Non Governmnetla organsiation should make strategies and work for peace and developmenet else many innocent people will die in the process which are directly of indirectly politically motivated.
Ranjan K Baruah's picture

For C Kashyap You are right. I have been to see some of the camps in the month of december 2008. I shall visit the place later this month . f i find anything interesting I will share them with the readers of Assam Times.

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