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Jyoti-Rabha sangeet workshop concludes

A 5-day-long Jyoti Rabha sangeet workshop concluded in Namrup Sahitya Sabha auditorium  on Sunday. The workshop is organised by Swargam Kala Niketan Namrup in synchronisation with Dibrugarh District Cultural Centre. It was held in BVFCL HS school auditorium from July 25 in which around 75 students took part under guidance of Dimbeswar Das. The concluding session was attended by District Cultural officer Dr Pabitra Kumar Pegu  as a guest of honour.

The  Cultural programme is presided by Hiranya Hazarika principal of BVFCL HS school namrup by lighting the earthen lamp. Guest present in the programme were , Pranab Bhattacharjya (HR )of BVFCL Fertilizer corporation limited , Pradip Gogoi Secretary of Namrup Sahitya sabha, Rupali Mahanta Patgiri President of Samalaya kobi Chakra, Arati Sarmah President of Namrup Lekhika Samaruh, Neetu Sonowal chairman of Namrup Town committee  ,R.N. Tiwari Social worker  and BJP state executive Ranjit Boruah.

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Tripura DGP assures violence free election

11 Apr 2019 - 10:58am | Prasenjit Saha

Agartala: Tripura DGP Akhil Kumar Shukla has assured a violence free election in the Lok Sabha election throughout the state.

Addressing a press in the police headquarter in Agartala on Wednessday Sukla said that the pollice has taken massive security arrangement across the state.

Alltogether 180 static surveillance team (SST) and 180 flying squad (FST) have formed accors the state.

Moment of Pride!

5 Feb 2017 - 4:07pm | Samhita Barooah

How is ‘Pride’ such a pride for some or rather a very few of us? There is always much ado about everything. Within the realm of everything, pride of bruised souls, bodies and minds was somewhere lost in the crowd. Such loss was never noticed, addressed or heard with sensitivity but ridiculed with negativity, violence and torturous upturns within both personal and public spheres. Wonder why people are always concerned about the straight flow of nature. Sometimes they flow with the norms to avoid any form of complexity and confusion. People are wired and transmitted into a world which is either/or, this or that, here or there, for or against, yours or mine, us and them and even more precisely right or wrong.

Stories of pride run through layers of multiplicities. They are beyond the comprehension of just being a part of a whole or rather a whole within a part. Pride is aggressive when it is rooted in jealousy and ego centrism but pride is crucial for ensuring human dignity. In the context of India pride is the key to the dalit, adivasi, disabled, hijra, prostituted minors, ex-communicated individuals and any non-conformist whose identity, ethnicity, religion, colour, status and sexuality define everything around the individual. Pride is a celebration of vibrancy, diversity and disassociation for the normative rigidities.

In a world constantly struggling with its layered existence needs to either belong or become the insignificant other in the pursuit of justice, equality and freedom, Queer Pride holds the ground for alternatives. It is not about being, becoming or belonging to the airtight containers or gender binaries or those queering such binaries but more so the move beyond such identity constructions which relieves an individual from every kind of oppression and restricted living. Youth celebrates pride in many countries across the world and even in Guwahati in the past four years Pride was spearheaded by the youth and the matured to be precise. But age is indeed a state of mind. Every stage of life relates to the contours of Pride to be able to embrace it completely.

Sexuality is a concern for many and sometimes it is also a gender expression. Pride celebrates gender expression and diversity within which such expressions are recognised and reflected within the broad spectrum of gender identity formations. Pride empowers people to bring out their intimate, closeted and most vulnerable gender experiences within the public space. Whether individuals or groups are concerned about public, political or professional issues, pride enables people to engage with their own inhibitions vis-a-vis others and also accept the differences with dignity and power.

Guwahati Queer Pride is an effort towards the expression of such diversity enabling every individual and group with choices. Choice is a matter of pride in today’s shrinking world. Choices are pre-determined, destined or manipulated as per the dominant world-view. But queer pride entails an opportunities for individuals and groups to explore the possibilities of dissolving the rigid constructs which constantly leads to conflicting paradigms.


Of late the Prime Minister thinks right

27 Apr 2010 - 7:52pm | Daya Nath Singh

With increasing insurgency and deteriorating law and order situation in the country, the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, seems to have realized that the functioning of his government lacks some vital points, which should have been taken care of long before announcing the welfare schemes meant for the common people of the country. The benefits under almost all the welfare schemes have failed to reach the real beneficiaries, leading to a condition of mistrust over the functioning of the government machineries. Huge funds allotted by the Central Government to the States under developmental schemes ‘dried-up midway’ mysteriously. Bogus utilization certificates were and are procured and exhibited by vested interests mentioning the works done, even without the knowledge of the local people of the area under which the funds reported to have been utilized.

The recent Naxalites and Maoists’ activities have compelled the Prime Minister to rethink over the problems, which plague the countrymen and generally created by none other than his own persons, whom he trusts. The major schemes introduced for the welfare of the weaker section of society, either have not been properly implemented or reported wrongly. As a result the funds allotted for the people’s welfare, are siphoned by one or the other ‘powerful lobby’. The stories highlighted by media are also overlooked. Ironically, such influential people publish fake reports in their ‘mouthpieces’ as a number of them have now become the ‘controller of media’. The reason behind the failures of welfare schemes is that the responsibility of their implementation have gone in wrong hands.

The Prime Minister’s concern over the sympathetic attitude of the people in Naxalites and Maoists-infected areas is right. He has now realized that the schemes can be implemented successfully through the Panchayati Raj and therefore the village Panchayats are to be strengthened. He has also realized the reasons behind the people’s support to the Naxalites and Maoists activities. The reasons for the people’s support to such activities is not only because they are deprived of their rights. They are also under dilemma about the security provided by the government, which has even failed to provide proper security to its security personnel. They are also deprived of their rights because the funds for their welfare are not directly sent to the Gram Panchayat, it comes through state governments which are authorized to distribute the Central funds to them. There is no proper system of verifying the utilization of funds by the Central Government. The politicians and bureaucrats are working ‘hand in hand’ in siphoning the funds. Therefore the people in remote areas have no other way to survive.