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AGP unification committee divided over Mahanta issue

The 11 members Unification Committee formed to bring the break away groups of AGP under a single umbrella is said to be divided over the inclusion of Prafulla Kumar Mahanta in the united fold of regional force with an object of snatching power from the congress. Meanwhile the Committee had a several round of talk with the break away groups and prepared a report to be submitted with the proposed meeting of Executive Committee to be held on 26th August at Guwahati. This development is reported to have been took place after the AASU vehemently opposed the joining of Mahanta to the proposed united regional force. In view of the AASU’s opposition the members of the Unification Committee divided over the Mahanta’s issue. However a group of the Committee is said to be still in the favour of Mahanta. It may be mentioned that the Central Executive Committee comprising of 96 members of which 50 are from the district committees is the supreme body of the party and empowered to take final decision in this respect considering the majority of any aspect. In view of such a critical situation it is difficult to predict who would favour whom. But political observer are of the view that if the former Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahant is barred from joining the proposed united regional force the all the efforts behind the unification might be jeopardized. Meanwhile grass root workers of Nagaon district reportedly stood by Mahanta.
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As per AGP unification concerned, former chief minister P.K Mahanta should be included to increase the strength of AGP from grass root level to top level. Thanks, Sharif (Dubai/Abu Dhabi)
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We should be careful of ASSU. They want to make their candidate a chief minister.That is why they are not happy with Mahanta joining AGP. They should have kept away from politics and try to help the people with so many burning issues like flood, foreigners issue, unemployment issue, etc. But the ASSU leaders are selfish and are thinking of their own gains. They should be publicly boycotted. I request them to come back to their senses before it is too late!! Antony

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