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Bangladesis outnumber in 8 Districts

The National Vice President of BJP, Bijaya Chakravarty while demanding the arrest of AAMSU leaders who criticized the observation of the honourable High court in regards to threat to Assam posed by the illegal Bangladeshis revealed that the increasing number of illegal immigrants in the eight districts of Assam had outnumbered the local people in the every field of life and apprehended of spreading this phenomenon to more districts of the state if this poisonous bud is not crushed before it got bloomed. BJP leader Mrs Chakravarty appreciated the Gauhati High Court’s observation and said that calling it a political statement was unfortunate and a clear case of contempt of court and also a blow to our national respect. Terming it a great crime against the constitution of India the BJP leader strongly urged upon the Government to book such anti-national elements under the law of the land. Although the IMDT is scraped but unfortunately it has been still there in the state and indirectly followed to give safeguard to the illegal immigrants who posed a threat the population pattern of Assam, Mrs Chakravarty added.
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Which are these 8 districts? How are the Bangladeshis getting govt job and buying the land? The govt. authorities responsible for this should be identified and prosecuted.
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So long as the rights of Indigenous people of Assam, i.e. Tribal and Ahom is in suppressed. The problems of Bangladeshis will remain as it is.
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All the time we tribals accuse non-tribals for our backwardness. But, do we ever question ourselves? Yes, we are drunkards and our youths never work. We have never being into trade and commerce or commercial production of crops. Most of our boys in villages live by extorting money and becoming militants in the name of being suppressed. No doubt, the government, both at the Centre and State is depriving us of our land rights, but at the same time we are not aware.


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