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Seminar on Contribution of Gorkhas for development in North East/India

"Nation needs to identify Gorkhas as Indian" - this was the opinion by Manash Choudhury, Minister of Technical and Higher Education, Govt. of Meghalaya while releasing a book titled 'The Gurkhas' at the seminar on 'Contribution of Gorkhas for development in North East/India' at Marwari Vishram Bhawan organized by Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (Meghalaya State) in Shillong. Mr. Choudhury outlined that the main stream Indian policy makers should accept and recognize Gorkhas as first class Indian citizen and give due respect to the infinite contributions made instead of treating them step brotherly. Prof Munish Tamang of Delhi University, Joel Rai Deputy Editor India Today, Swaraj Thapa, Bureau Chief The Financial Express all core committee members of Central Progamming Cell BGP expressed views on behalf of Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangha. They put forward authentic datas of Gorkhas and outlined the contributions of Gorkhas in various fields in the nation building process. The speakers spoke on possibilities of Gorkha's contribution in Vision 2020 India and the magnitude of their abilities. They recalled the sacrifices for the cause of the nation by Gorkhas since 200 plus years now. Unanimously the speakers lamented on the conspiracy of the administrators and bureaucrats who made a blue print to isolate the existence of Gorkhas.

Papers were represented by Prof Imdad Hussain of North Eastern Hill University(NEHU) who is an acclaimed anthropologist of the region and Dr. Purushotam Bhandari, an academician and research fellow of repute. Dr Bhandari in his paper mentioned about the indigenousity of Gorkhas in the Brahmaputra valley - Limbu a constiuent tribe of Gorkhas lived in bank of Barak and Brahmaputra valley who proves that Gorkhas are the real Son of Soil. He made a consensus appeal that more research work has to be done on it and presented before the people so that it can be debated.

Among the distinguished attendants were T B Subba former Vice Chancellor North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), President and Secretary and executive members of 22 state committees of BGP. The seminar was presided over by Dr. Enos Das Pradhan President of Central Progamming Cell BGP and hosted by Meghalaya State Committee BGP.

Arjun awardee boxer Jaslal Pradhan was felicitated in the event.
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Nanda Kumar Dewan is our Senior Journalist covering Community Development & International Relations. He is a Mass Communication & Journalism graduate from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). He started his journalism career with UB Photos News agency in 2006 as News Photo Caption Editor and Photojournalist. He has been associated with Assam Times since it's inception and today is a part of our editorial team.


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The Gorkhas speak Nepali. Common sense says that Nepali originated in Nepal and they use it as their first language and mother-tongue. So, is that indigenous? Every layman knows but the academicians try to cook up new stories and false theories to lay claim over Assam's resources.
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I object to what Satyen has to say. I think he is going over the board. One day he accuses saying anybody can create a mail ID and write whatever. We have historical evidence that the Limbu tribes of Gorkhas lived in the banks of Barak. From your writing, it seems to me that Satyen is a Bodo. Limbus, Lepchas and Bodos are ethnically related. Go, read the history if you do not know that. What about the "Meches" in Nepal where a District is named after them, "Mechi Anchal". Meches are Bodos, their language is similar. So, do we say that Bodos too originated in Nepal. Why do the Assam Rifles, Bihar Armed Police, West Bengal Armed Police, Eastern Frontier Rifles have their insignia as "Khukuri"?? Does he mean to say that Gorkhas of Darjeeling Hills too came from Nepal? Gorkhas have contributed much more than the others. Instead of mud-slinging, Satyen would do well to fight against the Bangladeshis. For Satyen's info, whatever Nepalis from Nepal were there in North East have all left or were driven away in the earlier agitation. The Nepalis from nepal don't go to North East any more. They go to Uttarakhand, HP, work there and go back to their country unlike the Bangladeshis who come, get the ration cards and settle down permanently. They are the ones who are draining Assam's resources. (I hope the moderator publishes this as I have experienced earlier that the moderator don't seem to publish the posts sometimes for the reason best known to him)
Raktim's picture

Shreshtha has reached the height of fanaticism. Bodos are Nepalis!!! Kindly control him as I leave this website featuring whimsies.
YK Shrestha's picture

Dear Raktim, Instead of accusing me of fanaticism, you would do well if you read the history in depth. I had stopped writing in this site because of the personal attack of you guys. Now, you are telling the moderator to control him. Let's have a healthy debate instead of accusing each other. I did not say Bodos are Nepalis. Did I? What I said is that there are Bodos in Nepal known as Meches there. There is district named "Mechi Anchal". Ask that to any historian or any Bodo historian and you will know about that. There was some Bodo conference held in Kokrajhar in 1982-83 (I forgot the exact year) when the Meches from Nepal were invited by the Bodos. Their dress,customs and the language is similar. There has been transmigration of human beings from time immemorial, so we can not say who is indigenous and who is not. Well, once again I request the respected moderator to put forth my views so that some unknown history is known.


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