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Uneasy border: Nagaland incursion on in Golaghat distirct

An uneasy situation is prevails along the Assam-Nagaland border in Golaghat district as a section of people from the neighbouring Nagaland are illegally occupying a vast plot falling under the territory of Assam.

Speaking to Assam Times, the villagers Dahnsiri subdivision along the Assam –Nagaland border have alleged that after B sector in the border area, now it’s the A sector in Golaghat district where some Nagaland people have started some administrative functioning. In B sector, some other people from the neighbouring state have already set up a sub division New Land. In 1991 also, some of these people set up a sub division and named it as Kohbut. Of late, the local residents have sighted some signboards golden jubilee celebrations of some churches and other establishments.

“We are forced to take permission from Naga people also for construction of house and some others,” rued a local resident adding that the Nagas have been continuing their developmental activities Of late, a Nagaland police battalion office has also been set up in the A sector and that too reportedly, in full view of the Assam police and CRPF personnels on July 12. There are some allegations of extortion by Naga people on the local residents but the Assam government is remaining silent.

The local people have blamed it all on the Assam government for remaining silent saying,”the Nagas have managed to set up subdivision due to Assam government’s indifference.

According to allegation, the administration of the entire sub division has not even a magistrate for the last couple of months at least to look into the problem of these people.

But the people from the neighbouring state have been continuing the developmental activities on roads, bridges.
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