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Mixed response from Nepali speakers of Assam over Political development in Nepal

In a major political change in India's most beloved neighbouring nation Nepal being crowned another democratic country, this correspondent spoke to the leaders of various Nepali speaking organization and intellectuals of Assam. It is notable here that in India there are more than 1 crore (1991 census) Nepali speaker while alone in Assam the population is expected to be 30 lakhs.

'We wholeheartedly welcome nation Nepal into democracy and wish them to strive for a comprehensive dialogue within the various political and apolitical groups to set up a picture of absolute democracy. Only dethroning King from his crown does not at all mean democracy', said D B Limbu President AAGSU the apex students' organization of Gorkhas in Assam. When asked about an Indian origin people at the most coveted post of the President of democratic Nepal, he replied that Nepal has set an example of what exactly democracy is. There should be no discrimination in origin, caste, creed as a democratic country. If tomorrow a Gorkha becomes PM or President in India there is nothing to be surprised. I believe Mr. Yadav is a farsighted politician who will lead democratic Nepal towards its destination and I wish success in his endeavor. We express our joy that a people of our origin will lead Nepal. Gorkhas of Assam practically has nothing to deal with political changes in Nepal. Office bearers of Gorkha Autonomous Council Demand Committee (GACDC) too agreed in the same line.

An advocate at Guwahati High Court and President of Nepali Sahitya Kala Niketan Mr. Padmadhar Powdel said that it would not be wise to comment on the President of democratic Nepal but it is very important that ethics of democracy is followed and we welcome the move.

On asked about the Vice President taking oath in Hindi, he said that it does mean that people of Nepal will embrace democracy in the best of its form.

Rohit Goutam, deputy editor of a Nepali monthly Saparivar published from Guwahati also publicity secretary of Nepali Sahitya Parishad, Assam the apex literary body of Nepali speakers of Assam outlined that people of Nepal have achieved their dream democracy and we have nothing to comment in particular. Its wholely now at the hands of Nepalese people to frame their dream Nepal. Over the oath taking issue, he opined that it would have been best if he did that in Nepali but what so ever it is acceptable now. He could have opted even for Maithili his mother tongue.

Publisher and Editor of a Nepali weekly Gorkha Prahari Indra Sharma said the whole incident shows that there are no farsighted political leaders in Nepal of Nepali origin who can rule Nepal. Its ought a lesson to be learnt.

Secretary of Nepali Mandir, Paltan Bazar Guwhahti Rup Lal Sharma said the main aim of the Maoist was to dethrone King and loot the high office which they even lost and went to a person of Indian origin. I am sad that an Indian will rule the Nepali people. We the Assamese Gorkhas also Nepali speakers in Assam wish the Nepelese people to prepare for the pros and cons of democracy. The only Hindu and the most peaceful nation of the World being unrest over few years has transformed into secular and democratic country.

Care taker of M K Subba Bhawan said that now India can easily invade geography of Nepal. Sushmita Newar of Handique Girls College informed this correspondent that she was least bothered about political change in Nepal but when asked to comment she said it is time to treat for us. Menaka Rai a law student however revolted that people of any origin should respect the culture, tradition and most importantly the emotions of the people of the nation where he lives. She recalled that Nepali speakers of Assam called Assamese as mother tongue showing loyalty towards the motherland. Being at that honorable and responsible post He was not expected to overturn the emotions of a nascent nation. Purna Chetri author of the book "Hami Gorkha, Hami Bharatiya" and a teacher in Gorkha High School opined that it was fair democracy and India should also learn to imbibe ethics of democracy like Nepal and form Gorkhaland in India without any delay. Meanwhile the sole Gorkha MP from Assam Mani Kumar Subba was not available for his comments.

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Nanda Kumar Dewan is our Senior Journalist covering Community Development & International Relations. He is a Mass Communication & Journalism graduate from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). He started his journalism career with UB Photos News agency in 2006 as News Photo Caption Editor and Photojournalist. He has been associated with Assam Times since it's inception and today is a part of our editorial team.


YK Shrestha's picture

I am least bothered with what is happening in Nepal. The govt. should give us Gorkhaland and we should be treated fairly.
Sukh Maya Limbu's picture

I agree with Ruplal Sharma..... its a fact. Good thought. D B Limbu's satisfy their need only. I think you need to think globally. Gorkha Autonmy is the demand so what if an Asomiya is Chief of Gorkhas. S M Limbu Pokhra, Nepal
YK Shrestha's picture

Dear SM Limbu-ji, I quite did not understand what you were trying to say regarding DB Limbu's comments.Could you clarify?? If a person of Indian origin could be President and VP of Nepal, why not an Asomiya??
kk pradhan's picture

Why should we worry about the happenings in Nepal? It is their own problem. They should be left in their own world. We should see Nepal from the angle of our nation's angle.


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