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State wide Bhanu Jayanti celebrated

The 194th birth anniversary of great Gorkha poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya was celebrated in all major Gorkha inhabited places in Assam. News of celebration has poured in from Karbianlong in Talbalijan mini stadium, Sivsagarh at Sapekati, in Golaghat at Uriamghat, in Kokrajhar, in Goalpara at Fafal Dhudnoi all aegis of All Assam Gorkha Students' Union (AAGSU) the apex students' body of Nepali speaking Gorkha community of Assam. Many organizations in various places of Assam has celebrated this Bahnu Jayanti with gaiety and happiness as a symbol of unity. Notably AAGSU have been demanding Bhanu Jayanti to be declared as State holiday though the Government has struck to its decision to keep it as a restricted holiday. Born in Greater Nepal in 1884 Bhanu Bhakta Acharya made Nepali language a common tongue to almost 61 Gorkha tribe before the Nepal monarch Prithivi Narayan Shaha had declared then Gorkha language now Nepali as a national and palace language. All the 61 Gorkha tribes preach their own culture, tradition and religion but communicate in a common tongue today due to the contribution of poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya who translated Ramayana in Nepali language. He has many literary works to his credit.
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Nanda Kumar Dewan is our Senior Journalist covering Community Development & International Relations. He is a Mass Communication & Journalism graduate from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). He started his journalism career with UB Photos News agency in 2006 as News Photo Caption Editor and Photojournalist. He has been associated with Assam Times since it's inception and today is a part of our editorial team.


Roshan Rai's picture

Its a culture of Gorkhhas and it will definitely unite people in long run... These days Bishnu Rava and Bhanu Jayanti are celebrated in same pandal under one banner. Its a appreciating move by AAGSU. Hands off to the Students' Union and the correspondent who posted this report.
Neelam Thapa's picture

AAGSU today is a driving force amongst the Gorkhas and is a rising students union in Assam. assamtimes should cater news of contribution of Gorkhas in Assam and Dewan would the right person to do so.... All the BEST Dewan
Ishwar Lamshal's picture

Celebrating the Birth Anniversary and other programmes of great persons is good. But, if we follow those great persons and their sayings it will be better. Bhanubhakta Acharya advised through his Ramayana and many more his poems and writings which are valuable for us, if we understand and bring it in practice. Only observing the Birth Anniversary can't give us fruit until we read his books and gather the knowledge in there. One more thing, when we remember Bhanu, we should not forget Moti Ram Bhatta, he is the only person who introduced Bhanu and his valuable writings to us.
YK Shrestha's picture

It is a good article by Nanda Kirati Dewan. It is high time that we Assamese Gorkhas are given due recognition. I would request Nanda Kirati Dewan to highlight the achievements of Assamese Gorkhas and also the places of interest.
Correspondent's picture

Wish then wink...... Wish Granted!!!! we at Assam Times are committed to grant wishes of our readers! Lamshal you are too 110% right. Roshan and Neelam Thanks.. Keep commenting and surfing Assam Times.. With Love, Nanda Kirati Dewan
Gopal Thapa's picture

As long as energetic correspondents like Nanda Kr. Dewan prevails, the Gorkha Community of Assam and India will always get highlighted. It's the love and respect for your culture and tradition that made you doing such great deed. I hope that you will continue to write some more articles on Gorkha Community. And last not least, "Best Of Luck For Your Future"
Satyen's picture

Demand by 'Nepali's for State Holiday on Bhanu Jayanti !!! Next we shall have Biharis demanding state holiday for Chaat Puja, Bengalis for Rabindranath Tagore, Bangladeshis for Nazrul Islam......and what not!!!
YK Shrestha's picture

Please do not make any communal post.
Satyen's picture

The demands of AAGSU are itself communal and the reporters like Nanda Kirti and their supporters like Shreshtha are even more communal. When Nepali speakers make weird demands in Assam it is non-communal, isn't it? Only when we counter their weird demands we become communal, isn't it?
YK Shrestha's picture

Well, it seems Satyen Brahma has really something up against the Gorkhas I believe. Have the gorkhas ever created problem in Assam? You can not fight the Bangladeshish and you are targetting the peaceloving, docile Gorkhas your target. What is so weird when Gorkhas are demanding for a state holiday? The govt. has already declared this as a restricted holiday.
Jwalanta Pradeep Bordoloi's picture

Attacking at a poor correspondent shows the obsolete mentality of an individual. No doubt Satyen is in confusion on Nationality and Community? I am clear that Nepali is the nationality of Nepal. So in Satyen words a Bihari of Indian origin mind it not nationality is the President of Nepal because his Nationality is NEPALI.
YK Shrestha's picture

Thank you Jwalant Pradeep Bordoloi for your post. I hope now Satyen would not say that Jwalant Pradeep Bordoloi is a fake and writing under assumed name as anyone who writes supporting Gorkhas is a fake for him and not a right minded thinking person :-) We need people like Jwalant in our society to make understand ppl like Satyen Brahma the difference between Nationality and Community.
Junkiri 'the firefly''s picture

Thanks Nanda Bhai for your info. Great to hear 'Bhanu Jayanti' was observed in most places in Assam. junkiri Hong Kong
Ghanashyam Sarma's picture

Thanks Dewanji for informing the cultural and literary achievement of Gorkhali or Nepali Speaking People Of Assam or India. I expect more than possibility from you. I would be more grateful if you, along with the achievements, points out some weakness and negativities of the community. Without realising and remedying the very things no community in the world can succeed in climbing the everest of the multiple developments. Thanks one more with expecting the more. Ghanashyam Sarma. Dudhnoi.


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