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Foreigners Tribunal detects only 54 aliens in 5 months in Assam and none are traceable

Guwahati: There are 32 Foreigners’ Tribunals in the State and they have managed to detect only 54 illegal Bangladeshis nationals while disposing of 545 cases in the past five months. And all the infiltrators are not traceable now.

In a tripartite talk, between AASU, the State Government and the Central Government, the State officials have conveyed this to AASU.

“This speaks volumes about the sincerity and commitment of the Central & the State Government in dealing with Bangladeshi influx that has changed the State’s demography, endangering the very existence of the indigenous people. We are having a farce in the name of Bangladeshi deportation,” conveyed AASU leaders to the media.

The AASU adviser, Dr Bhattacharya made a categorical statement that we are looking at a situation when a Bangladeshi national would become the Chief Minister and
Assam a part of greater Bangladesh unless the Government took serious steps immediately. “If the Indo-Pak border can be made foolproof in no time, why cant we also make similar arrangements in the Assam-Bangladesh border?” he asked. He also added that the AASU would again launch a mass agitation if the authorities continued to ignore such grave issues.
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This cant be happening to my state. What do we do. Doesnt the Central Govt visualise the future in the narrow spectrum of vote bank politics
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Unbelievable.... We need to wake up before we become like Kashmiri Pandits

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