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Press meet on State, Sexual Violence and Impunity: Facts from the Field

Can a woman be raped, gang-raped, tortured and even murdered, and the men who did it get away scot-free? Why is the Indian army being allowed to get away with rapes and murders of women in India? Why is its morale sustained by repeated sexual violence against women and wanton killing of local population? Why are army and various security forces above the law? Why is there extensive denial of sexual assault in the power corridors? Why do women complainants and accused have to live in the fear of sexual assault by police or other security forces where they are present? Why do these forces entrusted with the security of the nation become threats to the security of innocent women and children?

There are many questions, but is there an answer? Women’s groups have shown themselves to be against draconian laws in general and against AFSPA in particular. What has become increasingly evident is that while the AFSPA does not grant immunity to the security forces for acts of sexual violence, nevertheless the security forces rarely been brought to trial under the criminal justice system in India. Occasionally, especially when public outrage is visible, the security forces conduct trial in Army court where they are the accused, the judge and the jury, with no evidence of transparency in proceedings or in the outcomes of the army court is not known to many survivors. We believe that it is time to understand and confront the actions of the state in cases of sexual violence against women and to build up a movement to end to the sexual violence itself.  

Hence, Women in Governance, Assam (WinG-Assam) invites you to an interactive session with press on State, Sexual Violence and Impunity: Facts from the Field on 23rd December 2012 at Gauri Sadan, Ambari, Guwahati at 11.00am to 01.00pm.  Well-known feminist, advocate of the Supreme Court Ms. Vrinda Grover will lead the discussion on this issue. 


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