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Gift or disease?

Few years back our parents during their childhood times they use to enjoy their childhood period by playing different outdoor games and they enjoyed very much and loved it. As a child from this gadget oriented world, whatever we do it is only gadget that helps us to do it properly and efficiently without consuming any time. But this thing which is making us totally handicapped and paralyzed to do things with our hands. During this 21st century all children from this time are totally becoming materialistic people and they are not enjoying their childhood properly only because of gadgets, they have totally become gadget prone child. In other side gadgets are helping in all sectors from morning till night we do things only with help of gadgets, but it is making us totally dependent. During this modernizing days new form of gadgets are approaching and modernizing this world, and making us more dependent to gadgets. So, as a child of our parents we hear from them as a story that how they enjoyed their childhood by playing all outdoor games in all kinds of exotic natural environment without any problem. So, now as a child of our parents we hear it from them as a story in today’s world of gadgets. The natural effect was great on them and it helped them to develop mentally as well as physically . Their interest to the games made them active , physically and mentally and had made their mind more active. They used to play lot of popular games like-hide and seek , chor police, running, five stone games, gilly danda, chakhri etc. All these physical activities made them attentive in their studies as well good in sports and other activities.

“Well, simply if we compare our lifestyle with say just 15-20 years ago, there indeed seems to be a big difference in the way children are being grown and brought up today. While those days they use to have more advance skyscrapers and increasing of crimes and unsafe situation and environment has created a situation where children are forced to stay indoors. So these children are bound to stay indoors and get entertained by playing indoor games, surfing net, or watching TV and making them involved to such indoor gadgets and very entertaining and enjoyable, addictive to this.

In the long run, it has been seen that gadgets and video games have become obsession for the youngster and children and have become crazy for it in all age groups. This will hamper them with the high exposer to the things like television , computer , mobiles and laptops will make them to carry diseases and it will mentally and physically hamper them. It is very important that the children in the age group of 6-14 years of age needed to spend more time with the people of their same age groups and other people. They are needed to have interaction with other children , sports and other interactive things which will teach them to make friendship and will help to develop their personality skills. It will also make them emotionally and mentally prepare for the future . Due to this type of addiction many research have been done and have found many ill effects due to the high exposer from gadgets . Different doctors and eye specialists have said that too much exposer to visual display for e.g. computer screen or television screen or mobile and video games these are being associated with decreased blinking rate of eyes and increased tear evaporation . This may lead to eye strain and blurring of eye due to dry eye. Now a day’s many eye diseases are seen in different age groups from children till youngsters like mostly Myopia, Hypermetripia, poor sightedness, migraine , headache they are suffering this diseases and they are common in all age groups. With much involvement to these gadgets children are becoming lethargic and more prone to disease. But some concerned parents want their child healthy and active and fit. As we know that for being healthy we need exercise and it could be fulfilled by this hi-tech fast –forward world through gadgets. More Gadgets So Less Exercise and more disease. So , it made parents to think and made it essential to admit their children into sports clubs or gyms etc. But not all children gain the opportunity to get admitted in different sports club and gyms , institutions etc. There are many reasons which separate them from this opportunities due to poverty , lack of communication , distance from home , or money problem or due to illness etc.

But it is high time that all parents should become concerned about this addiction thing, not o nly parents but our society should become alert to this problem. Active participation is needed by the youth and it will make less involvement to gadgets and more to physical activities. The problem of unemployment should also being needed to abolish by the government . Lots of schools and colleges should make children and the youth to make them involve in different physical activities like sports club. Yoga , different classical dances , drama ,and more of mental involvement by this young youth. By plotting different classes in their time table and making them more active and talented for the future. So , that not a single child may not choose to become a couch potato or remain glued to P.C , T.V. ,or mobile and making them our great future generation and successful.

Richa Barua
Cotton College , Mass com deptt.

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