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Lower Subansiri Hydro-Electric project

The construction of Lower Subansiri Lower Hhydro-Electric Project is going on at Gerukamukg, Dhemaji district bordering Arunachal Pradesh. It is the biggest hydroelectric project undertaken in India so far and is a run of river scheme on river Subansiri. The Project is located near North Lakhimpur on the border of Assam and Aruncachal Pradesh. The nearest railhead is Nagaon and nearest airport is Lilabari. The estimated annual energy generation from the Project is 7421 MU in a 90% dependable year.


LocationLocated in lower Subansiri/Dhemaji Distt. (Arunachal Pradesh & Assam)
ApproachNearest Rail Head is Nagaon & Nearest Airport is Guwahati
Capacity2000 MW (8x250 MW)
Annual Generation7421 MU ( 90% dependable year)
Project CostRs.6285.33 Crores (December 2002 Price Level)
Year of Commissioning/Completion ScheduleJanuary 2012 (Anticipated)
  • A concrete gravity dam 116 m high from river bed level.
  • Head Race Tunnel - 8 Nos. 9.5 m dia, Horse shoe shaped having a length from 630 to 1145 m.
  • Pressure Shaft-8 No, Horse shoe/circular shaped varying dia. of 9.5m-7.0m and length 192m to 215m.
  • Surface power house to accommodate 8 units of Francis turbines of 250 MW capacity each.
  • Tail race channel, 206 m x 35 m (W x L)

(As on 31.08.2007)

  • Diversion Tunnel heading excavation completed, 99.35% Benching excavation, 72.46% Overt lining and 84.97% Overt lining completed.
  • 37.15% adit to Surge Chamber excavation and 57.40% Surge Chamber excavation completed.
  • 97.21% PH excavation and 2.83% PH concreting has been completed.
  • HRT excavation, E&M and HM Works are in progress.

Data source: NHPC web site:

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a big dam in seismic zone 5 is like a time bomb waiting for a earthquake took place in assam in 1897 & 1950 respectively. ecology will be badly destroyed in the lower stream of the river. STOP CONSTRUCTION OF MEGA DAM. potential benefits don't justify the potential risk.
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Assam is placed in high seismic zone... In North Lakhimpur, even with some down pour - makes it hard to battel the flood situation... Upon that a new hydroelectric project which could led to serious situation..even could led to removing North Lakhimpur from India map... knock knock...planning committee...i think God forgot to place brain in your heads... Benefits are given priority than human and ecosystem...
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Mega Dams will be the monster "FRANKENSTEIN" for the twin states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.
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argument should not be whether dam should be build or not.the center of argument is- 1st how safe it is, 2nd is it beneficial, 3rd do people wantit. if the project satisfies all these requirement 1 should go ahead. at the sametime 1 must also remember every thing has got cost . so 1 needs to think whether benefits overweights its cost. remember nothing can b achived without taking risk.but risk should not b taken blindly ,there should b adequate safety measures.1 must also learn from other countries like - CHINA, JAPAN ,THEY ALSO fall in seismic zone & 1 of the most suffered countries but that dosnt means they had stopped developmental work.

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