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Decrease of Rainfall in Assam linked to Global Warming

At a time when the world is reeling under the consequences of global warming how can Assam be spared? Global Warming is contributing to the decrease of level of rainfall in Northeast in a big way commented a few leading scientists while speaking to our correspondents. The scientists on conditions of annonymity said that they have been ringing the alarm bells but till date it has fallen in deaf ears and the Goverments of Northeast are yet to take any concrete measures to prevent this. The Northeast is known for its torrential rains where earlier Cherrapunjee, in Meghalaya had the primacy of place as recording the worlds highest rainfall and now this stature has shifted to Mawsynram again in Meghalaya. But sadly this may soon become a thing of the past.It is also felt that deforestation and depletion in the ozone layer due to modernisation and the general attitude towards the environment has also jeopardised the entire eco system. The ruthless felling of trees and man’s encroachment of forest areas has resulted in the depletion of forest cover in the entire region. Trees play a vital role in instigating the clouds to cause rainfall but due to absence of adequate forests weaker monsoon winds are hardly in a position to cause rainfall and this may be the cause of reduced average annual rainfall in the North East. In Assam the state is experiencing a dry spell which in turn is effecting the climatic conditions. The excessive day temperature and of course the frequent power cuts are making people miserable. The ASEB has stated that the rainless condition had lessened the generation capacity of the hydel power stations of the region due to lack of sufficient water in the rivers on which the hydel projects are located. The state has a power demand of around 825 MW during the peak hours and around 550 MW during the off peak hours and problems become unmanageable if rain fall decreases. Agricuture is also getting affected by the decrease in rainfall consequently burning a hole in the state’s economy If such a trend continues than alternative energy sources such as solar energy etc have to be developed. The raingods are unhappy with man’s ravaging nature therefore its time to wake from our slumber and act constructively to appease them. And our Governments need to take the first step.
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