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Swami Laxmi Shankaracharya: the man who stumbled upon Islâm

In a fit to exploit the growing spate of terrorist activities branded as Islâmic Terrorism, born in 1953 at Kanpur Uttar Pradesh, Shri Swami Laxmi Shankaracharya authored a book titled “The History of Islâmic Terrorism.” The book written originally in Hindi was eventually published in English from Mumbai by Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thakarey.

All this was not to stop here. Swami enthused to furthermore expound the influence of Islâmic Terrorism in the Euro-American world began serious research studies. Surprised with the discoveries made henceforth Swami grew apologetic for what he gathered in his first book “The History of Islâmic Terrorism.” To denounce his belief he held about Islâm and the widespread opinions on Islâmic Terrorism he wrote his expository finds into “Islam: Terror or Principle?”

Swami born into a family of Brahmin educationists received education at Kanpur and later in Allahabad. He started life as a Contractor but soon sometime after he deviated towards constructive spiritualism and began to look around through the prism of Monotheism.

Swami credits the popularity of the phrase ‘Islâmic Terrorism’ to the media, the West and other countries who through what he calls ‘A Planned Conspiracy’ published innumerable books which claim that the roots of Terrorism are found in Islâm.

Recently the Assamese Islamic Literary Publication Committee (AILPC) under the aegis of the Jamaat-é-Islâmi Hind (JEIH) Assam North Chapter released the Translated Assamese Edition of the original Hindi Edition of the book ‘Islam: Terror or Principle?’ by Author and Guest of Honor Swami Laxmi Shankaracharya (Lucknow) at Pandit Tirthanath Sarma Auditorium at Chandmari Colony, Guwahati. The Assamese Edition of the book has been translated by Md. Abdul Hamid and Md. Nasim Ullah active members of JEIH Assam North Chapter.

The event saw the attendance of Speakers Dr. Ramesh Pathak, Retired Professor of Assamese Language (Cotton College, Guwahati) and Md. Kefayatullah, President Jamaat-é-Islâmi Hind Assam North Chapter among invitees, patrons and distinguished others.

Guest Speaker Dr. Ramesh Pathak elaborating the concept of Tauheed said Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of Allâh Be With Him) is not a property of the Muslims as otherwise thought. Translator Md. Abdul Hamid held: “We must ask ourselves if we are Muslims. We must correct our incapacities at the earliest,” while Jamaat-é-Islâmi Hind Assam North Chapter President Md. Kefayatullah upheld the principles that define the existence of One God.

Significantly the kind of history which Swami came across in the VI Standard detailing Muhammad Sahabuddin Ghori till Aurangzeb created a different picture of Islâm and Muslims. To quote him ‘both Islâm and Muslims seemed to be a threat.’ Later when he went to Allahabad in pursuance of higher studies, the behavior of few Muslim brothers there further solidified what he perceived through history books. Following the misreportage of Islâm by the media in India and worldwide fuelled his opinion so much so that he wrote “The History of Islâmic Terrorism.”

Addressing a calm gathering Swami echoed: “But then after I realized that the book “The History of Islâmic Terrorism” is not in the interest of the country because if the crores of Muslims of this country and their Religion is associated with Terrorism a negative message would go in and the enemies of the country, the evil forces which want to weaken the country, which want to divide the country and burn the country, they would find opportunities to brainwash the Muslim youths of the country. I felt I should rethink on the bases I wrote the book linking terrorism to Islâm and there was another reason too. I was suggested to write a similar book for the Europe and Americas which pictured growing threats from Islâm and that the book should be downright authentic, not thin but fat in its volume. So that is why I started researching deeply on Islâm and it was during my researches it occurred to me that if it goes on like the way it is, a very negative message will be popularized and it shall put the country to threat. When after I began researching again I found that those very Ayahs of The Noble Qur’an which I connected with Terrorism are in reality meant to end Terrorism and that there are a number of similarities between The Srimad Bhagwat Geeta and The Noble Qur’an.”

When Swami saw this new face of Islâm he grew sad for his deeds and as a first step towards admitting his guilt he tried apologizing verbally to the people and then through the media, held meetings but concluded God wanted something else. He said: “God poised great hindrances, I introspected and I received inspiration from God that I give the reply to a book with a book. I wrote “The History of Islâmic Terrorism” and I had to give them a reply to a book in the form of a book. I wrote a different book ‘Islam: Terror or Principle?’ meaning there is no terror in Islâm but principles. The references and proofs which I furnished in this book and the references and proofs which I am now going to put forward to you are different. I do not want to give you references which attract your attention to only read. I am giving other references. Without references nothing is proved. For it the first thing which I want to say is that we have voted to power the governing leaders of this country so that they strengthen the social fabric of this country and establish equality and solidarity amongst the Hindus, Muslims and other religious communities. But those leaders for their own benefit, for their votes, for their politics gave birth to disbelief among the Hindus and Muslims by way of connecting terrorism to Religion. Hindu Terrorism, Islâmic Terrorism, Muslim Terrorism and all such things are only methods of acquiring votes.”

Swami holds that whenever a leader talks about Hindu Terrorism among Muslims they only intend to harvest votes. He continues: “These leaders do nothing, they do not work, they only construe vote math to capture votes. In this issue we are not going out of our issue by discussing these because it is essential to tell you who gave birth to Terrorism, it is necessary to go to its roots. When they go among the Muslims and talk about Hindu Terrorism they effort to trap wholesale Muslim votes and when they go to the Hindus and talk about Islâmic Terrorism, Muslim Terrorism they thus effort to trap their wholesale votes. These are traps. And today we have a leader who is the Minister for Home who found the color of Terrorism called Saffron Terrorism and our Mr. Tagodia started seeing Green Terrorism. One found Saffron Terrorism while the other found Green Terrorism. Now the factor is Hindu Terrorism, Muslim Terrorism, Saffron Terrorism, and Green Terrorism; is there any truth in it?”

Swami offered a comparative report on Sanatan Vedic Religion and Islâm wherein he cited that according to the Vedas Ahimsa (Non-Violence) is the greatest Dharma (Virtuous Deed) and to be slanderous is the greatest Adharma or Sin. There is no greater a Sin than to backbite on someone’s religion, one’s person, or society. The education that connects to God is Yog and there are Eight Steps of Yog. To connect to God it is necessary to complete the Eight Steps: 1) Yam 2) Niyam 3) Asan 4) Pranayam 5) Pratyahar 6) Dharna 7) Dhyan and 8) Samadhi.

He further illustrates: “In this the first step is Yam. And what we have in the first step? (1) Ahimsa (Non-violence) (2) Satyam (The Universal Truth that God is One and He Alone is Worthy of Worship / La Ila ha Ilal Lah) (3) Astayam (To curb greed) (4) Brahmacharyam (To practice monogamy. Chastity in thought, word, and deed, always, and in all conditions) (5) Dayajagam (To instill kindness) (6) Kshyama (To be forgiveful) (7) Dhritim (To be patient. Sabr. According to the Qur’an Allâh is with those who have patience) (8) Nikahara (To eat less. It is said in the Vedas that 3/4th of the stomach should be filled and 1/4th kept empty. The Apostle of Allâh (May Peace and Blessings of Allâh Be With him) said that food for 3 persons is enough for 4 persons) (9) Saucham (To be physically and mentally clean) (10) Chae eao yama dus Without acquiring these 10 qualities no one can step over the first step towards connecting with God. This is the Sanatan Vedic Religion and can people who follow such a religion with orthodoxy be terrorists? Can such people who follow such a religion with orthodoxy be a danger to the country? To decide is up to you and the media.”

Talking about Islâm, he took to reference The Noble Qur’an, the Hadith and Life of Hadhrat Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of Allâh Be With Him) citing Surah 3, V140 of The Noble Qur’an which states: “…and Allâh loveth not those that do wrong.” Surah 5 V32: “…that whoever kills a soul …it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” Surah 26 V183: “And do not deprive people of their due and do not commit abuse on earth, spreading corruption.” Surah 26 V184: “And fear Him Who created you and (Who created) the generations before (you).” Surah 28 V66: “But seek, through that which Allâh has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allâh has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allâh does not like corrupters." Surah 28 V83: “That home of the Hereafter We assign to those who do not desire exaltedness upon the earth or corruption. And the [best] outcome is for the righteous.” and Surah 41 V34 states: “And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend.”

Swami queried: “What else can be a greater principle than this? The highest of principles are contained in The Noble Qur’an. Can those who abide by these principles be a threat to the country? Can those who abide by these principles be terrorists?”

In his attempt to reach out to his Hindu brethrens through the audience and the media he clarified that with context to the Surahs of The Noble Qur’an which he narrated; it’s that the Muslims are not free to abide or not to abide by them. “In every situation a Muslim is supposed to abide by them. This is Allah’s Word and is strictly ordained,” he said.

With a hint to Religious Fundamentalist he opined that a Muslim who fundamentally stands for Practical Islâm; can a person who fundamentally stands for the mentioned Surahs be a threat to the country? Can he be a terrorist? To him this is one of the biggest questions.

He extolled: “Once The Apostle of Allâh (May Peace and Blessings of Allâh Be With Him) said “By Allâh he is not a Muslim, By Allâh he is not a Muslim, By Allâh he is not a Muslim.” He was asked “O Apostle of Allâh, who?” He answered: “He by whom his neighbor is in trouble.” If because of some Muslim his neighbor is in trouble, he is not a Muslim. Once The Apostle of Allâh (May Peace and Blessings of Allâh Be With Him) said: “Help your brother whether he is a tormentor or an oppressed.” He was asked: “O Apostle of Allâh, if a brother is oppressed we know how to help him, but if he is a tormentor, then how should we help him tell us?” He ordered: “Hold his arms and save him from Hell Fire. This is his help.” In Surah 21 V107 of The Noble Qur’an Allâh reminds: “O Muhammad I have sent you as a mercy upon the entire universe,” and The Apostle of Allâh (May Peace and Blessings of Allâh Be With Him) spent his lifetime in accordance with the Ayahs of The Noble Qur’an.”

Focusing on the history of India he said: “The British ill projected the history of this country. They succeeded governance from the Muslims and well knew they had to face them too and so entangled them in a fight. They wrote such history reading which large sections of Hindus begin to hate the Muslims, fear the Muslims and regard them as their enemies. History was written so out of proportion that reading it till today a feeling of negligence towards Islâm has grown. Any amount of advocacy from a Muslim does not work well because a Hindu thinks if at all history is incorrect than why at all it’s being taught and whatever is being taught is perceived authentic. The British left and when the country gained independence in 1947 it came into the hands of such a person who called himself a great historian. He wrote a book named Discovery of India.”

He questioned into the merit of such the mammoth historian who failed to correct history. “Why till date the same incorrect history being taught?” he retorted. “This is a big conspiracy and the Muslims of this country got snared to this conspiracy. The question is why this conspiracy? It is because it was well known that the Muslims governed for comparatively a longer time span and in every possible manner to be kept away from becoming politically strong and to cut them off from the majority Hindus it was necessary that the history they wrote prevailed. So the divide and rule policy which the British made stayed on even after they left in 1947 and the leaders in whose hands governance passed over stole it and continued with it. It is in existence even today. The big matter is that since August 15th 1947 to August 15th 2010, it has been long past 63 years. Of these 63 years the BJP governed for 5 years and there has been 58 years of secular governance; even after this why is the same history being taught? Who are responsible for this; those who have been ruling for 58 long years or those who ruled for 5 years? Muslims have been entrusted a great responsibility by Allâh in this country and they should carry it with success,” he feels.

He surmised to the media that Jihad is that which efforts to contain Untruthfulness, Injustice, Torture, Terrorism; to employ all possible means in self defense is Jihad the limiting step of which is war. To do away with the misgivings Swami thoroughly studied Islâm and thinking that writing books alone will not suffice formed the Hindu Muslim Jan Ekta Manch (HMJEM) under which a number a programs are on countrywide yielding wonderful results. When asked if HMJEM will push matters to correct the history of India which is perceived authentic he said that HMJEM shall address the issue and make people aware of it. On the sideline invitee Samrat Bora Assistant Professor Biology Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati and General Secretary of the North East Writers’ Forum felt and ardent need to address the Hindus and opined that they be told to become better Hindus.

Finally, Swami’s message to the Hindus: “If you want to know about Islâm you must look at Islâm and not at the Muslims and the media.”


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Very well said. Truly agree with this man's knowledge on islam in its true sense. Hats Off...


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