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Citizens’ appeal in Haflong

Conscious citizen of the Diama Hasao district appealed to all the Political leaders, Intellectuals and bonafied citizens of the district not to allow any outside agent from any organization to interfere in hills political affair and not to give chance to make this district their hunting ground for money making.

The district of Dima Hasao with the population of not even two lakhs has witnessed a series of changes in political affair with the interference of some outside agents who are still very much active to create chaotic condition so that their aims of making political leader a milch cow continue. Some senior citizens, under the condition of anonymity said that first, all the political leaders of this district in particular should change their mindset. They should not allow or encourage anyone, particularly the out side agents to play with the lives and future of the people of this district. As these people have made them public leaders, the leaders should also remember and give importance to the public voice or suggestion rather than listening the dictation of out side agent who always trying to make a distance with the local tribal people and their leaders for their narrow Gaines. It is not at all a hiding fact that some people, be it politicians, businessman, officials or intellectuals from out side had come with only one agenda i.e. to fool the simple and innocent people, of course by manipulating the local leaders. There fore it has become the need of hour for the people of this district in particular to be vigil and raise voice against such injustice by the out side agents and not allow them to interfere in any political affairs of the district.

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