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Indian Society moves ahead: Charge of the single brigade

The world is slowly making way for a brigade of young women who remain single by choice. Many such young single women are emerging in our society who have broken the shackles of tradition and asserted their independence. Our society which earlier frowned upon the concept of single woman, terming them old maids and the like, have today gradually but significantly started accepting these free spirited souls who defy the tag of being married and also hate to tag along their better halves as second fiddle. Single mothers, live-in relationships and single working women living a carefree life are no longer a taboo as today many urban women prefer to live alone without being tied up by the bonds or rather bondage of the paraphernalia that comes with the institution of marriage.

Traditionally, a girl after attaining a certain age is expected and in many cases in Indian societies forced to tie the knot, procreate, look after home affairs in short bask in marital bliss or blunder whichever comes first but in the present times more and more women armed with a higher education and earning a fat paycheck prefer singledom; living alone appears far more attractive than a life of boundaries. Therefore, the idea of giving it all up to be chained to a husband and household becomes a huge dilemma.

Financial independence lends an extra boost towards such a decision added with the advantage of not being bound by any restrictive elements; singledom undoubtedly gets the thumbs up.

Women today are defying age old norms. Some may term it as aping the west but though the west has paved the way, ultimately the choices are purely individualistic. Support may not come easily for such ‘rebellious’ decisions but later it comes in abundance. Such a lifestyle is not confined to Metros alone as there are many such free spirits in small towns as well.
Financial security and independence has a very important role in these women’s decision and of course education for without these one can’t think of leading a life of singledom.

In today’s high stressed lives many women have broken barriers of convention and set fine examples but these decisions are solely personal for they do nor denounce the institution of marriage but simply hold a flame which says marriage is not the end all of life and that one can choose happiness in whatever form they desire

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Its true now our Indian society moves ahead to a direction as we call it mens world but women show they can do also accepatable job or others work with diginity and with a dream they have, after marraige life is changed to a female some atmosphere boundness in society if mother-in-law and her husband or her familly as she took her husband familly as its own if they give her some moral support with respect and faith in her i feel after marraige they can do more well then an men because they are sincere and honesthy mind in their work , but it took more time to take time simple reason womens bill still pendhing on parliament the political party wonth want to pass it for their vest interest.
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and then why in our society single brigade or living together is not our culture and so women also be kept in mind some social things still there in our society as we took western culture looking more attractive from outside but there is no social value can be compare to our society our social value still more powerful then any other society so kept in mind women do work in different way with dignity and cultured way, then single value will acceptable to our society.
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I know lots of successful people who are married and stressed out and they are young. I have seen of failed marriages with successful individuals and young. The only thing which becomes apparent from your article is that FEMALES have started exercising the option for LIVE IN’s, but could not conclude whether it’s good or bad? Sometimes people read into the lines and they look upon people (maybe like you), LIVE-IN is a foreign concept, with it comes the maturity of understanding limits for relationships, trust, independence and courage. Maybe people (both male and females) should take this new relation in right spirit rather than an arrangement. I don’t advocate it personally, but then people love options. Our society is still to come terms to this sort of social arrangement. Different article again, nice try.


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