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Can Kaziranga make into the New 7 Wonders of the world?

It has been a great pleasure that Kaziranga National Park (KNP) has entered the second phase of the official “New 7 Wonders of Nature Campaign” for the selection of seven new wonders of nature around the globe. As per the results of the official global voting till April 2009, 261 nominees out of a thousand have been declared fit to take part in the second phase, starting April 2009. The sad thing has been the position of KNP at 19th, in E category (forest, national park, nature reserve), far behind Puerto Princesa of Philippines in first place; Amazon of South America in second place and Sundarban of India in third place. Again, KNP had narrowly escaped cancellation in the first phase, due to the absence of official sponsorship. It is to be mentioned that each nomination must be supported by any official sponsorship. Credit goes to media of Assam for publishing the matter in time so as to alert forest department of Assam to submit sponsorship documents at the eleventh hour.

In order to select the new seven wonders of the world, online nominations from all over the world had been submitted to the organization. There had been seven categories in the nomination process. Category A included landscape and ice formations; category B islands; category C mountains and volcanoes; category D caves, rock formations and valleys; category E forests and national parks; category F lakes, rivers and waterfalls; category G sea soapes. Each individual could vote for one nomination in each category only through e-mails and phone. In each round one could send only one nomination in from one e-mail or phone in each category. After global voting and official confirmation 77 nominations only could make in to the second round.

One can easily understand the importance of the seven new wonders of the world, as it would bring fame and glory to the places respectively. Kaziranga if nominated as number one in the final phase as the one of the new wonders of the world would bring so much beyond our imagination. The economy and life style of the people of NE states would change overnight. Second place of Mount Everest in category C, third place of river Ganga in F category; third place of Sundarban in E category (where as Kaziranga has been placed at 19th) and first position of Cox Bazar in G category had been possible as a result of large scale voting of the people concerned. But surprisingly, less people from NE states had been aware of the proceeding thereby casting fewer votes.

If AASU, ABSU, AJYCP and other organizations could make Debajit Saha number one in India, could it not be possible to make Kaziranga number one in the world as one of the new seven wonders? It was time for all the organizations and individuals of NE states to come forward to support Kaziranga, Mount Everest and Ganga. Anybody can log on to for necessary information and voting. People can vote by phone also. International telephone number is +41773124041. Please insert code for Kaziranga - 526.

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Environmental journalist.



Nice article posted on the site.very informative.
Satyajit Sarma's picture

Kaziranga is the one among the 7 wonders!
Ridip saikia's picture

Kaziranga is unique destination which very rare to find in any other part of world. It should be among the 7 wonders of Nature.

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