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A drought report from the flood ravaged valley

Guwahati: What a diversity created by nature in Assam? When more then 56 lakhs of people are marooned in floodwater, one fifth of the state submerged; a huge area is facing severe drought in a different corner of the same Assam.

Hundreds of villages in the "C" sector of Assam-Nagaland border under Dhansiri sub division of Golaghat district have been facing drought since onset of the monsoon this year. They have failed to plough their fields and are yet to grow paddy saplings making their future miserable. Not a single drop of rain had fallen in Barbil, Hatimora, Shantipur, Pujabil, Dhantola Pub, Dhantola Pachchim, Silanijan, Pithaghat, Sonapur, Dyalpur, Kawikori, Borijan, Morajan and many other neighboring villages of Uriamghat since last June.

These places have been facing drougt for the last several years.

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