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Book review: Bongshar Darpan

Bongshar is a historical place situated in the Kamrup District of Assam. It is between the Silk village Sualkuchi & the holy place Hajo. Bongshar has a glorious passed history from the day of ‘Ramayana’ & ‘Mahabharata’. Sadao Bongshar Lakshi Sahitya Sabha, in the leadership of Sri Padma Ram Bharali as president & Sri Harsha Vardhan Kashyap as General Secretary had published a book namely ‘BONGSHAR DARPAN’ with the collection of its ancient & modern history. There are also included a short life-history of its great social workers.

Sadou Bongshar Lakshmi Sahitya Sabha is one of the oldest branches of Asom Sahitya Sabha. I was established in 1969.

The book contains total 192 pages with colorful cover. It is published & edited by Sadao Bongshar Lakshi Sahitya Sabha on the date of 14th December, 2008. The price of the book is Rs. 100/-.

Harsha Vardhan Kashyap
General Secretary
Sadao Bongshar Lakshmi Sahitya Sabha

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Sajjadul Islam's picture

It's a great work done by the branch of Asom Sahitya Sabha.
Mrinal Bharali's picture

The book is not only successful in sketching the right picture of Bongshor then and now but has also has highlighted many unheard,unread facts and persons . I am impressed with the effort of the team . In a word it is - GREAT. I am optimistic hence looking forward for bigger guns from them in time to come.
Binay Rajbongshi's picture

The coverpage of the book shows its theme. I think it is a excelent gift in the fild of Assamese History. If every regional places of Assam publish their local history , the uncomplete Assam History will found its destination.
Ramen Bharali's picture

A nice book and good effort . Still I feel there were important data which were not highlighted properly and a few wrong data has been published .Moreover The name of Editor Mr. Rameshwar Kakati should have been featured in the name of Editor.Collectively I must say it is a great work done .
Sittyaranjan Barman's picture

The book I have read. I am a member of Kamrup Sahitya Sabha from Guwahati. Mr. Ramen Bharali, General Secretary of Kamrup Sahitya Sabha also posted a comment on his book. He is a great lier & a controvarcial person not only the village Bongshar but now in holl kamrup. As a villager he should not give false statement about the book. I condem his for this.
Sajjadul Islam (Mintu)'s picture

I am too agree with Sityaranjan Barman's comment.
Nityananda Nath's picture

It is a very good thought by Sadou Bongshor Laxmi Sahitya Sabha for publishing a historic book including all the data og greater Bongshor named as BONGSHOR DARPAN. But unfortunately it seems to be kind of self history of a few families not Bongshor as a whole.The book will carry a wrong information to future generations since lot of informations and facts are distorted. Some serious persons has already taken preliminary steps to publish a full fledged book with real data about Bongshor.
Ramen Bharali's picture

Thanks to Mr.Sityaranjan and Mr.Sajjadul for their personal comments on me where as they were to comment on the book . I am sure , the so called gentlemen are foolish to take the criticism on the book personally .Doesn't they know that -Criticism always helps to bring in the best from the good or better. I appeal to all the concerned persons tp come ahead and work for better creativity for better remembrance of Bongshor in times to come . Furthermore it is alwayse wise to agree if there is any controversy on the book instead of starting a debate on it.
Mrinal Bharali's picture

Hey ,wats up guys ?Unfortunate to see people debating on the issue . Pliz cool down . A great constructive work is done by the team . There may be errors too. And Mr. Barman ,ur comment is most welcome but the use this kinda abusive language doesn't suits the persona of a person associated to Sahitya sabha..Harsha, ur job is marvellous and the book is fantastic ... but be prepared for criticisms .. c,mon enjoy ur RONGALI BIHU. Don't spoil the festive mood friends.
Bikash Baishya's picture

Ramen Bharali & Nityananda Nath are expeled members of Sadao Bongshar Lakshmi Sahity Sabha. So, they are making comment like that. We condem them as a member of this branch.
Ramen Das's picture

Ramen Bharali is a black listed person of Bongshar. You can ask every villager.It's tru. And Nitya Nath is uncivilised boy of this village.
P. D's picture

I believe it would be a nice book. Hardly people come forward for these kind of noble job. who are these two idiots - Bikash Baishya and Ramen Das?Why these cheap fellows are here? Are they deputed by someone to curse a gentleman ? I think there is no point in popularising Mr.Ramen Bharali. They had ultimately popularized him free of cost by saying good or bad about him. Are they not foolish ?
Ramen Das's picture

Hello Mr. P.D. or R. B. , Come forward to debate on our village meetings, not in net. Why U r dancing without wear any cloth in net. If U r really a good person come & debate with the people of Bongshar in open field of village.
Ramen Bharali's picture

My sincere thanks goes to all the People like Sittyaranjan, Ramen Das, Bikash Das and P.D. for making me an over-night hero. Now People will at least know the Ramen Bharali . Whether I am good or bad will come next .Big people like me may have controversies because there are hundreds of people who cannot become heroes in real life .This is because of their work .Today I am Gen.secy of Kamrup Zila Sahitya Sabha because of my hardwork in Lakshi Sahitya Sabha.What I am today is for my honesty, hard-work and respect to others. Yes, I have said some data in the book is not right and I mean that . If the editorial board calls me, I will clarify personally on their request/demand. This page is given in the website to post personal comment . i am free to say any thing as per my thinking . I am not bound to give any explanation to anyone. But I said I will give explanation too if required because I want people should know the real details in future . I am not concerned with the comments on me of the people whom I don't know even .(they may know me because many people knows me for my activities in culture and literature)and really feel pity on these uncultured gentlemen who uses abusive language and calls some one to open field. May god forgive them since they are not aware what they are saying .May god bless all.
H. V. Kashyap's picture

All gentleman are requested to stop giving their comment on the book.It is from Sadao Bongshar Lakshmi Sahitya Sabha. We will post our comment on this issue shortly.
Ramen Das's picture

Mr. Ramen Bharali, the papermade hero, if U can come and debate in the open field. Not in net. Afterall everybody know how can u become a G.S. of Kamrup District Sahitya Sabha.U does know how to write, read & speak english. U too does not what is net.Then who is Ur wellwisher by whom u r doing this.And Mr. H.V.Kashyap don't try to save again him, whish u had did in past history. Ramen Bharali- don't try to be a leader on others wisdom.
Bhadreshwar Deaka's picture

*** removed ** Please restrain from personal attack on this website. -- Admin
Rabin das's picture

*** removed ** Please restrain from personal attack on this website. -- Admin
Rameshwar Kakoty's picture

Please note that I am the editor of the book . Harsha, why have you hidden my name? Ramen Bharali pointed it out and you got so angry that you appointed other people to speak against him . I am really sad because u have not even submitted the name of the editor truly . Please don't do this type of work in future. It hurts . And reflects your selfishness . *** EDIT: please settle your personal problems offline! -- EDITOR***
Mrinal Bharali's picture

Hi all , I have something to say in this regards . Please go through the comments carefully . Does these looks to be book comments? After the 3 comments till 13th April and except the comment of Mr.Ramen Bharali (14th April) and my comment on 15th April ,all the rest of the comments are nothing except mere fighting which is spreading hatred, enimity and attracting use of abusive languages. I am happy to see the conncern of the Admin. of the site. He has rightly removed the contents of some comments but I would really appreciate if the admin keeps only the book comments . And remove all other comments. I am sure Admin would be concerned enough to retain the standard of the website by removing all the comments with smell of personal issue. If there is such smell in my comment , my comment should be removed instantly too. The Book Bongshor Darpan as per me is a well tried effort of the whole team . and I would congratulate each team members for the effort. But there may be loopholes into that.Any one can post his comment as per his observation .My Observation says its a good book . Mr. Ramen Bharali said -there are some wrong data . He may be right/he maynot be right.He shouldnot be alleged by someone . Someone has called Mr.Ramen Bharali to open field . Why ? why someone in the comments accused someone to be idiot or cheap fellows? Does these words suits here? But he can say it .If some one asks him what wrong data is compiled ,then Mr .Ramen Bharali is bound to reply with well supported data, else his comments becomes null and void.I have a copy of the book with me .So far as i remember ,Mr.Kashyap ,the General secretary of Lakshi Sahitya Sabha has taken up this appreciable and hillarious task of coming up with the book. Mr. Rameshwar kakaty , the editor of the book surely have burnt midnight oil in its edition . Infact the whole team owes a big round of applauds .KUDOS TO THE OPTIMISTIC TEAM OF LAKSHI SAHITYA SABHA ,WHO DREAMS OF A BETTER BONGSHOR TOMOROW. I am sure I will see some some positive changes in interest of all and able to see a harmony when I visit the site next.


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