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Bike snatching poses threat before polls

Bikers of Kalaigaon have had tough time as more than ten bikes of various marks have either been stolen or snatched away by miscreants during last 30 days alone.It has been reported that armed miscreants in groups of two or three used to take away bikes forcefully from people at several places in broad day light causing serious concern among people in and around Kalaigaon.It could not be ruled out the possible use of these bikes in anti social activities including explosions by extremist groups during or before the LS polls.Police so far has failed to book any of the culprits there by enhancing the activities of the miscreants. Interestingly there had been two police constables among the victims.

Following cases had been reported so far to justify the seriousness of the matter. Bike No. AS-13-A/7947 belonged to Dilip Dey,police constable,was snatch at gun point at 5 pm at Kendutal on March 30;Bajaj Pulsar No.AS-01-AF/0214 belonged to Ratan Medhi was stolen from Kalaigaon town on the night of March 29; Bajaj Super Splendor No.AS-01-SG/3710 belonged to Khargeswar Borah was snatched awy at gun point at Rupatal on March 5 at 3.45 pm;Bajaj Discovery No.AS-01-A/8571 belonged to Nripen Daimari on the night of March 8;Honda Glamour bike No.AS-01-X/3150 belonged to Daskhya Sarkar of village Amguri near Kalaigaon was stolen on the night of April 4 from his residence.Another bike belonged to Kulen Baro working in Assam Police was snatched away at Udmari village near Kalaigaon in the first week of March beside several other bikes stolen at other places in and around Kalaigaon in the last thirty days.

In another incidence gold idols and cash money amounting rupees lakhs were looted from the Ramjanaki temple, Kalaigaon on the night of March 28.The temple was just 100 meters away from Kalaigaon police station.People urged the authority to take strong action to book the culprits for the safety of the lives and property of people.

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