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Pollution Control in Guwahati : Finally some steps

Finally some eyebrows have been raised on the increasing pollution levels in the city. Guwahati ranks high in the pollution charts of the country competing with metros like Delhi and Calcutta. Though the other cities leapt into action in order to reduce the air pollution causing serious danger to the denizens Guwahati is waking up a tad bit later. The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Assam Oil Division has taken an initiative to convert petrol-run autorickshaws into LPG system in a phased manner. This, if implemented would prove to be a great step towards improving the damaged caused by the increased level of pollution in Guwahati.

The decision by IOC was taken after increased level of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide and unburnt-hydrocarbon were observed in the city’s atmosphere. These pollutants are causing serious health hazards to the people. Guwahati had seen the introduction of Pollution Testing centres in city which has kept in check the vehicles spewing this dangerous smoke but the system needs to be more streamlined in order to get better results for there are huge anomalies in the procedures of such pollution checks. Many vehicles plying in Guwahati or in different parts of the state for that matter are quite old models unlike their modern Euro II versions which are easier on the environment. Therefore what Guwahati needs is a complete overhaul of its vehicular assets.
The Chief LPG manager, IOC, Assam Oil Division, Ashim Kalita announced that they are planning to convert around 3000 petrol run auto rickshaws into LPG during the current fiscal to control the level of pollution. This step comes in the wake of a drive taken up by IOC in all major cities across the country. However small a step it would go a long way as far as pollution is concerned as it is effecting the environment and particularly pose a lot of danger to children.

Pollution has a disastrous effect on children, a study showed that youngsters who live within 500 metres of major highways develop weaker lungs then those who live at least 1,500 meters away. It also says that traffic pollution could affect lungs of children. James Gauderman of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles followed nearly 3,700 children in the area from age 10, measuring the participants’ functioning of their lungs every year, according to the online edition of New Scientist. As part of the test, the children took a deep breath and exhaled with force into a machine that gauged the volume and speed of air leaving their lungs. By the time they reached age 18, those participants living within 500 metres of a motorway performed significantly worse on the lung function test than their more distant peers.

Therefore, it is important that more such constructive steps are undertaken which will assure our future generations of some pure and quality breathing space.

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As u article its show how effect the lung and for new generation , but who will lishten to it if govt. not concern for that seriously then it may be comes in few year then it will be to late,the govt.should involved the N.G.O who really didicated for work of awerness programme about polution and as u write in u article lung will be effected the child as it seen on bus lot of staff mainly we call handimen are child and bus run it very poor condition where i feel there may be no polution control on and also on truck lot of car there (from there it may be effected school childrean also because there registence power may not be as adult person have) and still lot of auto is there may be thousand in ghy and lot of bus run it ghy to other bus that should be checked , and now i.o.c now going to for auto in different place to put cylinder its really good news may be it comes soon on practically not in paper, and from u article its grt article today as related to health , health is wealth and beyond that u always selected uncommon article which give knowledge to person its really interesthing and remakable.
jay's picture

You talk about LPG, what about CNG? Why, if CNG is the best alternate to petrol (both economical and less pollutant), why is it not being introduced in other parts of country? Why do we people crib about CNG, when it is so safe and healthy? Have someone really thought into the fact that Delhi is always facing CNG crisis? You cross Delhi and you won’t CNG stations? Why? Because neither the Oil Companies nor Government wants an alternate to petrol for the sake of revenue, they will sell petrol @ 60 Rs a liter but not have a CNG @ 25 per whatever. Keep writing, maybe some1 out there reads and act, nice thought.
Swandeep's picture

Why are we talking about only the common things, what about human sincearity. If a cityzen is not welly developed how can all these matter help.

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