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Rotaractors' Visit to an Orpanage

On 2nd October the rotaractors visited “Snehalaya- a children home”. The children home is primarily funded by Don Bosco Society and it is being managed by a selfless humanitarian Mr. Richard. He welcomed us and explained us the operations of Snehalaya, which he calls his second home.

There were 21 inmates in Snehalaya and they all welcomed us with a beautifully composed welcome song. The children, as Mr Richard said were basically picked up from street or railway station and they were provided shelter in Snehalaya, where they learnt how to live with others in a home environment. The children introduced themselves one by one and the rotaractors introduced themselves to the children as well.

Mayank Sikaria, President- Rotaract Club of Guwahati Midtown, told the children about rotaract. He also told them who Gandhiji was and what is the significance of his life for the world in general and Indians in particular. The photo of Mahatma Gandhi was then garlanded by Rtr. Avinash Jain, Director of Community Service and every member prayed for his soul.

After this we motivated the children and asked them to showcase their talents in front of us. There was one child named Bhola who showed us moves of Michael Jackson while two others Babu and Sonu sang songs from Hindi movies. It was good to see that the children were not shy in front of new people and we too soon mingled with them. All the Rotaractors and the children then played a game together, which was invented by our President on the spot and he being such a witty person even named it. He termed it “Kona Pakdo”, which means capture the corner. All we had to do is run to any of the four corners of the room. The host had to pick a number from a bowl and all the participants of the picked-up numbered corner were eliminated. The last standing person was declared the winner.

Later Rtr Deveshree Prajapati, Rtr Neelam Bhajanka, Rtr Silvy Agarwal, distributed chocolates and biscuits to the children and Rtr Anirudh Sharma and Rtr Neha Sharma gave copies and pens to each of them. The children were very happy with our gifts and to our embarrassment they all took our autographs on the first page of the copy which we gave them. The children also asked him to write his name. We are also planning to organise some competition for this children and are also looking forward to provide them with some drawing, dancing etc. classes. Mr. Richard thanked us for our love and affection and the time we gave to the children.

We were really touched by the humility shown by the children and Mr Richard and all the rotaractors returned with a feeling of happiness and contentment in their heart and their faces shining with pride.

"Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress." – Mahatma

Name of Rotaractors who visited the Snehalaya: -

1. Rtr Mayank Sikaria

2. Rtr Neha Sharma

3. Rtr Deveshree Prajapati

4. Rtr Avimash Jain

5. Rtr Neelam Bhajanka

6. Rtr Silvy Aggarwal

7. Rtr Anirudh Sharma

8. Rtr Shekhar Bhatra

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It has been generally noticed that all such visits confined to Guwahati city and its neighboring areas.I think there are other such places located in remote villages.For example there has been an SOS village at Bhakatpara (20 km from Mangaldai).The inmates of the SOS village need such visits please.

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