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MLAs assaulted by Assembly employees

For the first time in its history, the Assam Assembly witnessed a bizarre incident where a section of the Assembly physically assaulted two MLAs during the one day session convened to pass the vote on account.

According to eyewitness firstly it was a mild tussle which later took the grim turn forcing the Assembly Speaker Tanka Bahadur Rai to step in. Two BPF legislators namely Maneswar Brahma and Maheswar Boro physically assaulted Under Secretary Jyoti Prasad Baruah in a corridor of the secretariat as the officer was standing in the morning which irked the MLAs.

Later a section of the employees came out and gheraoed the two legislators and assaulted both the legislators. Further they the employees gheraoed the Speaker demanding apology by the BPF legislators. Speaker Rai , however, stepped in and assuaged the employees and found out an amicable settlement with negotiation.

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Its a shame to Assam Assembly official,who,actually played a political move to mislead the people of Assam.Politics must be kept aside in sensitive matters like that of the Assam Assembly.Shouting communal slogans by the officials were too uncalled for.According to the two MLAs ,they had been very happy on that day and made jokes other security personals on their way to the Assembly.Under secy.Baruah was talking to some of his colleagues blocking the way.He did not care to give way to them.One MLA,Maheswar Baro just asked Baruah where his duty was and moved ahead.A short while later,Baruah rushed to the MLSs shouting.He even refused to recognise the identity of the MLAs.According to Maheswar Baro,he then pushed aside Baruah to enter the Assembly hall.Suddenly Baruah called his colleagues,meiapersons and offered statements of the matter.Even after the matter had been amicabily settled by the Speaker,Baruah had been telling others that Maneswar Brahma had apolozied to him by touching his feet.But actually nothing like that had happened there.It was a clear case of conspiracy.The Hon'ble Speaker was the best person to comment.


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