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Bring back Gandhi's belongings

It’s a matter of shame for the whole nation, the New York based antiquarian would be auctioning Gandhi’s belongings– a watch, a pair of sandals, a plate, bowl and a pair of glasses. It’s too precious for India too loose its national property. The debate that has been going on since the last few weeks has come to an end. According to reports, the government earlier thought it would be unethical affairs to partake in the auction of Mahatma Gandhi’s belongings, as it will encourage more people to come with such proposals in the future. To avoid this, the government made an appeal to the public to buy Gandhi’s belongings at the auction and hand it over to them.

Nonetheless, there are other sections of Indians who think differently. Some believe that the auction is an insult to the Father who sacrifices his life for India’s independence against the oppression of the British rule. While, there is another group of India who think the government should have thought of a solution rather than issuing appeals to people to purchase. Some are also looking at the positive side of the auction. They say it would be honour for the country if more people participate in the auction, as it would show how much they respect Gandhi’s contribution to the nation, world peace. Socialite Kalyani Chawla says that auctioning Gandhi’s belongings is “exploitation”. Artiste Komal Varadan says also says, that’ instead of sensationalising the issue, the government could have requested the antiquarian to return them the belongings to the country. If it’s bought by an Indian it would not help the country. It’s the government’s responsibility to bring Mahatma’s belonging back and keep them at the Sabarmati Ashram’. Anything that belongs to the Father of the Nation is the property of the nation. The government can’t ignore its responsibility toward persevering any property that belongs to Mahatma. It is a very ridiculous affair that the government has made it a big public debate in a silly manner instead of directly negotiating with the auctioneer. How will the young generations remember Gandhi, if the government does not show its sincere effort to preserve anything now? Mahatma Gandhi cannot be preserved in mere school text books. It’s time the government should move out of its narrow look at Gandhi
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