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Noida MMS scandal was not a breaking news, this time

A Kama Sutra in NOIDA business school. It sounds funny, I suppose. But, going by the newspaper reports, arguably undeniable. A student circulates MMS clip of 23-year-old girlfriend after she refuses to continue her relationship with him. Still fresh yet, five years back a similar type of sex video clip was circulated by a Delhi school student broke the headlines. This time it’s has been reported from a premier business school in Noida. The video shows the woman stripping to music; the man apparently captured it on a cellphone camera. Is it a hot cake or breaking news? It’s certainly a matter of that school and college students are indulging in such deplorable activities. After all, defaming their own classmates by putting their obscene clips on websites and circulating it among other students.

I am writing this article not to talk about the MMS Sex episode. But I have a different story to relate tell. Indeed, it’s surprisingly, a breaking news. The news is that it the MMS sex scandal was not at all breaking news in some of the prominent 24/7 hour news channel. Yet, some of the so called 24 hours news channel still maintained their inglorious traditions making it a breaking news. By the way I hate the so-called ‘breaking news’. News is always news, there is no such thing as breaking news.

I think, if I am not wrong, some of our news channels have shown their maturity this time, by not turning the MMS Sex indignity into breaking news and telecasting it again and again till we are forced to criticism it. Nonetheless, on the other hand, it’s the same trend for some channels that prefer to abide by. The newspapers are no exception to this phenomenon. Why it so? The reason is – to make TRP score and increase their circulation. A great idea indeed - I prefer to call.

Probably, the Mumbai terror attack was a big boost for Indian 24 hours news channels, as they were able to show off the biggest terror strike to the world audience instantaneously. Similarly, the Arushi-Hemraj double murder story was. But I have a doubt and I prefer to scrutinise of their contents delivered.

Three months have gone, since the terrorists rocked the heart of Mumbai city. Yet, the gun shots can be heard again repeatedly. Not in Mumbai streets, but in our idiot box. Every time you sit for prime time news, it’s the same story – loud gun shots with loud background music in the screen. Sometimes, it’s worst and even difficult distinguish whether it’ a Bollywood-Hollywood films or a news story. Anyway, we have no choice. I acknowledge to ignore such sensationalised news story.

I believe - may be everyone, that the same story can be presented in a different manner. I too believe, that visuals are the main component of television. But when it’s too much glamorized and sensationalised, the contents fail to serve its purpose, rather people are force to criticise them.

God knows, how long this inglorious culture of repeat telecast of news stories which have no significance, will continue to dominate Indian news channel. It’s sometimes widely acknowledged that public criticisms against some news contents are not all worthless all the time. They deserve consideration.
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