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Joint Signature Campaign by Citizens of India and Pakistan

Civil society organisations and concerned citizens of India and Pakistan have come together to launch an Indo-Pak Joint Signature Campaign against terrorism and war posturing and to promote cooperation and peace between the two neighboring countries.

The Joint Signature Campaign will be launched in over 50 cities and towns of India and over 25 cities and towns of Pakistan on 9th January 2009 from IST in India and 2.30 pm PST in Pakistan to maintain simultaneity of the launch time in both the countries.

Many eminent personalities and peace activists will be involved in the Launch Programs in different cities and towns of both the countries. The campaign will be launched in Guwahati at 3 pm on 9th January.

The Signature Campaign will be carried out in both the countries for one month till 8th February 2009 and the signatures collected will be submitted to the Prime Minister of India and the President of Pakistan with copies to important political functionaries and media houses of both countries.

The objective of this Campaign is to facilitate assertion by the people of both the countries in favour of resolving the present crises through dialogue, cooperation and appropriate actions by both the governments to address terrorism and all other outstanding issues. The collective will of the people could certainly compel the establishments to adopt peaceful and appropriate processes to address all the issues and bring back normalcy.

Interested individuals may contact at 9864227589 for further details.
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Ranjan K Baruah's picture

Citizen Journalist and activist.


SK's picture

Why such undertaking to appease pakistanis? I as an Indian do not want any Indian to sign this petition. Time and again these pakistanis have shown their true color. No more relation with pakistanis, PERIOD! stop this nonsense, Snake always remain snake,may be even real snake is better than Pakistanis
R K Baruah's picture

Thanxz Mr SK for expressing your views. Its really importnat for us to express our feelings and ideas. We need to take our position and speak out on the issue. Thanxz for your comments but please do not blame people in genaral, Pakistanis are like us only. Most of the citizens of Pakistan are like us but politics are being done by some other groups like their governemnts and fundamentalist groups. For a vibrant India it is importnat to have a vibrant South Asia. I welcome your comments on my comments but please mention your real name and address which will lead to a healthy debate and discussion. Thanking You R K Baruah
Rajveer's picture

We dont want any so called HEALTHY DEBATE on Pakistan. All we want is REVENGE. And you Mr. Baruah, have you ever been to Pakistan?? if not then who are you to give character certificate of Pakistani citizens.
R K Baruah's picture

Mr Rajeev , I have been to Pakistan and I have visited many families and friends in Pakistan. If you are interested you can also visit that country provided you get visa from the governemnt. I dont know what their governments or defence people are thinking but if you see the common citizens they are just like us. And offcourse there are people who are not like us and that is same here too and the bomb blast in Guwahati are the examples that there are anti social elements in our place too. You can skip the debate with Pakistan with me. Will taking revenge by means of war bring solution and if yes thigs would have been beter before. I dont know how old you are, but so far i have not seen any big war as I have been borned after 80s but looking at the experiences from the global view it can be imagined how children , woman and civilains9it includes me too) are being affected by war.I assume that you are also a civilian like us(I May be wrong) so think from your own perspectives. I thank you for reacting to my comment but i was expecting comeent from Ms/Mr SK as s/he made no comments as i was replying to her/his comments. I dont know whether Ms/Mr Sk or Rajeev are the same person or different but myself( Mr R K Baruah) is the same person and i am putting my email address/phone numbers here 98642 27589 You people can put any comment on my comment but please show your identity. I request the news editor/ web administrator of Assam Times not to encourage any post without genuine name and email address.
Rajveer's picture

I know war demands highest sacrifice, but what is the use dying daily. In Guwahati october blast more than 150 people losses their lives, in Mumbai it is again more than 100 lives so as in the case of Ahmedabad, Delhi blasts. After 9/11 no one dares any attack on america. But as in our case we always make Breaking News of terror attack on different parts of India. So it is time to hit them back and hit them hard. India have to take some extreme steps to prevent terrorism and this type of silly things like "Joint Signature Campaign" is a complete waste of time and its not gonna change the scenario. And Mr. baruah, the great humanitarian, I am not affraid of making any comments against Pakistan to hide my identity.
R K Baruah's picture

Thanxz Mr Rajjev for your comments. I respect your ideas and the comments. See in a democratic country we have right to express our thinkings and ideas. See let me clear one point I am an ordinary citizen of the country not any humanitarian. You have all your right to express your points , there are many people who are saying that war is needed, I am not opposing them what I am doing is I am taking my position and my position and stand is clear that i dont want war. If you think nothing gonna change then yes nothing will change. The problem with many us is that we want change or peace but we dont want to take part in the process of bringing peace because we have many other priorities. If you think we people are wasting our time with programme like signature campaign then please tell me how you are making wise use of the time. Do you have any activities related to it. I believe that change is possible so i work with the young people for social transformation. Thanks Mr Rajeev for your comments.
R K Baruah's picture

Mr Rajveer in my previous comments I have spelled your name wrongly , I am sorry for that. Thanxz Mr Rajveer for your comments.
Saadia R Haq's picture

Thank you for sharing this information and best wishes for this good initiative. Lets hope for peace between Pakistan and India, ameen.
Saadia R Haq's picture

Hats off to Ranjan for this initiative and the positive thoughts. Its very supportive of Pakistani people, like myself who also want peace between both the countries and wish to live the dream of a peaceful INDOPAK. However, there must be special security arrangements for the activists to avoid any harm i.e threat to thier lives or hurdles in thier developmental work. A peaceful Pakistani!
Rajveer's picture

Mr. Baruah, put aside all this india-pakistan debate for one moment and just simply answer me one question, What will you do when someone unauthorisedly gets into your house and do harm to your loved ones? Simply answer this question only.I think someday you people will also organise a Joint-Siganture campaign opposing the death penalty of Afjal Guru.
Ranjanjyoti Mahanta's picture

Thanxz again for asking me this question. Well it is not easy to answer so easily. But i shall not allow any one to do that as i will take all prevention so that kind of things do not happen. And suppose that happens then i must protect my people and loved one. But i will not listen or hear any ones dicatte, i will use my own ideas and take action , i will not abide by anyone else . But i need to know who are the people who are disturbing me but in the name of their search i cant attck or fight with any one else who might not have any interest in the issue. I would analyse who are disturbing me and I would take necessary step from my side but i will not hear any ones else advices and ideas. I will not listen to any Babu or any politicians. So linking to your question and my comments i would like you to visit the website where u will find what we are asking for and if the governemnt of both the country do not respect the voices of the common people then the future is worse for both the country which will difinitely benefit some one else. And criminals are to be punished according to law. I strongly believe in the Rule of Law. Criminals and terrorist must be punished in accordance with law but let me clear you in the name of countering insurgency or punishing criminals no innocent should be punished or killed. Just to remind you the BDraconian Law or act like AFSPA still exisits in the North East India which is agaist the liberty of individuals. India is a democratic government and every man and woman has the freedom of expression I would thak you once again for taking out time and reating to the comment. Feel free to react to this comment. I could find that you are very sensible citizen so take the step which are sustainable and which can be achieved in a democratic way.
sway's picture

I believe that change is possible so i work with the young people for social transformation. thank you for great material


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