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Sal logs seized

KOKRAJHAR: Forest department in Chirang, seized several numbers of tractors and trucks which were carrying illeglly felling sal timbers from Selekaguri, Shantipur, Deosri area under Runikata forest range on Thursday in Chirang district.

The seized timbers are kept now at Runikata forest range office.

Recently,forest department officials have seized a large number of smuggling timbers at Kachugaon in Kokrajhar district.

The seized timbers  are valued at Rs.20.

The forest department has been taking stern measures to check timber smuggling in the region and necessary deployments are made so far, said a senior forest official in BTAD.

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Assam Times Kokrajhar bureau office, BTAD.

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Believers Eastern Church raises fund for Kerala flood victims.

23 Aug 2018 - 2:58pm | Nikhil Mundra

Hojai:- Believers Eastern Church Satgaon Mission Diocese,Lanka in Hojai District  conducted two days fund-raising campaign at Bokolia,Langhin and Dokmoka town on 21st and 22nd August in aid of people affected by the current spell of devastating floods in Kerala, a Press Communique stated.

As per the press communique, A team from Believers Eastern Church Satgaon Mission Diocese under the leadership Father  Thanghao holding the placards and banner with a message "An Appeal For Kerala Flood Relief" mobilised funds for the flood-affected people of Kerala by visiting various shops , vendors and some other parts of the town as part of the two day-long fund-raising campaign.

In a statement, Father Thanghao said as the Kerala is reeling under flood havoc,hundreds of people have already lost their lives, bearing those pain Believers Eastern Church Satgaon Diocese have come forward to support the people of Kerala in this time of adversity.

He said funds raised through the two day-long campaign, along with relief material, will be sent to Kerala government’s flood relief fund for distribution among the flood victims in Kerala.

 He also expressed deep gratitude for each one who contributed generously for this noble cause and who voluntarily came forward in support of this campaign.

Fiserv India Targets 5,000 Headcount

26 Jun 2007 - 12:19pm | editor
Fiserv Inc, which provides information technology services to the financial services industry, is all set to move to destination India. Speaking to the media , Dr Arun Maheshwari, President, Fiserv Global Services Group, said the company has already made its presence felt by opening up centres in Noida. Currently, there are three locations in Noida with about 1,100 personnel on its rolls. Fiserv Global Services opened its centre in Pune, being set up in about one-lakh sq ft with a capacity to house 1,500 professionals.

Dr Maheshwari further added that the recruitment drive had just begun and that the company was targeting employee strength of about 1,000 in 12 months. He said that in about three years, it was looking to set up a campus in Pune, when the headcount of touched 2,000. He said the company is also scouting for a third location, preferably in the South, and that the total investment by end of 2009 would be $50mn with a headcount of 5,000.

And as has become a norm now there was not much of a mention about the East and more so the Northeast

Open letter to Prime Minister Modi

21 Mar 2016 - 7:04pm | AT News

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

Regarding the Indo-Naga Peace Talks, the effort to end the war for between India and Nagaland, the Naga International Support Center, NISC, just sent an open letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This letter deals with the legitimacy of that Kingdom, then Great Britain, of transferring all of Nagaland to India and then Burma.

 In that letter we requested the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to show the Naga Peoples with conclusive evidence that indeed the British Government transferred all of Nagaland to the Union of India and to what was then Burma.

We asked that because we know that around 65% to 75% of all Naga lands were never colonized by Great Britain and so even if Nagaland was officially transferred; papers to that effect should show this beyond doubt, still the rest of Nagaland, termed by Britain as ‘un-administered areas of the FREE Nagas’ or Excluded areas, could not have been transferred and so were free when the British decolonized.

We are certain you know also that Naga leaders of the National Naga Council declared independence a day before India. And, although this was ignored by India and all other nations, the United Nations received the declaration. However, possibly because Great Britain did not react by providing papers, Nagaland was not recognized as a sovereign nation.

Still, with the spot on of what you don’t have you cannot give, the Naga Peoples have every right to determine their own future.  

It also means your predecessor Jawaharlal Nehru in 1953, with U Nu, leader of Burma, had no right to draw the border through Nagaland thus separating them internationally.

Being a wise man of stature we therefore request you to honor the rights of the Naga Peoples and also ask you to look into how their rights can be restored in practice.

Following that the question of repairing damages inflicted upon many Nagas by the Indian Armed Forces should also be discussed and determined.

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a formidable leader we think you will agree that justice should be done to those who have been treated unjustly since 1947, almost seven long decades. NISC feels many lives could be spared on both sides if you let your wisdom prevail.

Yours sincerely


Drs. F.A.M. Welman
Secretary Naga International Support Center


1947. Mahatma Gandhi’s promise to the Nagas 

7. In 1947 a Naga delegation went to India and met Mahatma Gandhi on July 19, 1947 at his Phangi colony in Delhi. We submitted the Agenda in writing why he wanted to meet him as it was requested by his secretary Mr. Pyrellal. We stated that

1953- A Naga delegation led by A.Z. Phizo, President of the NNC met Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime minister of India at New Delhi. Mr.Nehru said; “whether heaven falls or India goes into pieces and blood runs red in the country, I don’t care, or for that matter anybody comes in, I don’t care. Nagaland will not be allowed to become independent".