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Film screening initiative begins at GPC

Guwahati As part of a wider initiative to help member-journalists add value to their professional experience, Guwahati Press Club has begun to screen award winning and critically acclaimed films and documentaries every week. On Friday (11 May), the non-verbal documentary ‘Glass’ was screened at the GPC auditorium.

An Oscar-winning documentary made in 1958 by eminent European filmmaker Bert Haanstra, ‘Glass’ brilliantly contrasts glassblowing techniques used at the Royal Leerdam glass factory in Netherlands, with modern machines churning out glassware on industrial scale. The film captures the art of the glassblowers with great sensitivity, their marvelous craftsmanship imparting each of them with a distinct personality. ‘Glass’ is a testament to the art and heart workers once applied to their work, but who are being increasingly replaced by soulless machines. For regular screening of such acclaimed cinematic works, a LED television set has been newly installed at the GPC auditorium. It is learnt that photojournalists will also be offered opportunities to showcase their best works from time to time at Guwahati Press Club.

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Senior journalist based in Guwahati.

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