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MA degree holder making earthen lamps

Diwali is back to illuminate the landscape with millions of earthen lamps. Potters are busy in making lamps for sale on the occasion. Now focus falls on  an interior area of Amtola village, about 6 km from Hojai town where even the master degree holders are keeping busy with making earthen lamps.  

“This  is our traditional business and I have also been engaged in this work for since 20 years,” said Rajbali Prasad a potter, who is an MA degree holder.

He said that he wanted to do a job by reading and writing, but this was not possible. In this case, for the maintenance of the family he is pursuing this work, but the generation that is coming is not joining this work. 

Earthen Lamps is sold in whole year, but it's demand increases on Diwali, Kalipuja, Chhath festival. The whole family cooperates in making this, but money earned is not according to the hard work done.

“Despite price rise, we can not get more than ₹ 500 for per thousand earthen lamps. Prasad also said that, on Deepawali, we ourselves also lay on the streets by putting shops,” he said. 

In the context of any help from the Government, he said that we are not getting economic support, due to which we still make the lamp by the old method. 

Today, the demands of Earthen Lamps is not that used to be 10 years ago, the demands are quite low as people have started enjoying the festival in the decorative lights  by reducing the use of the lamp.

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Journalist Based in Hojai Town.

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