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Bodoland demand: BJSM supports statehood movement

The Bodoland Janajati Suraksha Mancha (BJSM) has extended support to the Bodoland statehood demand by All Bodo Student's Union (ABSU) and it's allied movement groups- National Democratic Front of Boroland-Progressive (NDFB-P) and People's Joint Action Committee for Boroland Movement (PJACBM) and has been emphasized need for reorganization of state under the existing law of land through which Bodoland state creation would be come out on its reality.
In a press statement issued to the media, Janaklal Basumatary, president of the mancha stated that the mancha has been supporting whole heartedly the demand for separate state of Bodoland, the mancha finds ABSU and its allied movement group's rail roko ended in wild crying and like to advise voluntarily. It not material how long you carry out the movement for creation of separate state of Bodoland, it is material how deep you could focus the need for reorganisation of state under the existing law of the land.
'The reorganisation of state can be asked on linguistic basis having distinct identity of language, culture,  customs & tradition, social heritage and religious belief, common historical ethnic group with strong historical background for ownership of land and also on the ground of ensuring equal regional development economically, educationally, socially and intelectually. Bodos have all these igridients for effecting the reorganisation of state as per law of the land for creation of Bodoland separate state', Basumatary said.
  They(movement groups) should focus the need for protection, promotion and adoration of their language, culture, customs, traditons, social heritage for preserving and holding distinct separate identity and also for attaining equal regional development economically, educationally and socially. It should focus historically the land belongs to them. The other people of greater society are intruders to this land over period of times. During British rule they got upper hand by helping the British administration. And took the reign of rule being majority society and linguistic majority group and Assam state was created on linguistic basis . So they followed policy to suppress other linguistic group by assimilating the smaller linguistic group to Assamese majority linguistic group . By this they could not hold the hill districts of Nagaland, Meghalaya and Mizoram for longer. Soon reorganisation of state was held and they are created as separate states on linguistic basis and regional development with closer administrative control under the provision of Reorganisation of state Act. 1956. Bodos remained deprived as their leaders joined the ruling political parties dominated by people of social and linguistic majority. They become voice less and blind follower of leaders of majority society and linguistic group to retain their political power for personal gain. The ruling people of majority linguistic group continue to follow the policy of suppressing the other smaller linguistic proup people and accept their domination in the name of national integration. But it is not integration but force full assimilation by losing their distinct separate identity with distinctly separate language , culture, customs, tradition and great history. The forceful assimilation is illegal as forceful conversion of religion. The constitution has provided protective provisions from such forceful assimilation. This protective provisions should be fully utilised for the protection and preservation of their rights.This they should not share with other socially advanced community. Like sharing the ST reserve certificate with non notified communities for which Bodos lost their most valuable representative in current on going parliament to a non tribal candidate in disguise of tribal community who is up to destroy Bodo tribal community and their constitutional institutions.
 Thus ABSU should exercise their vigil so that no person can take away their  political rights guaranteed in the constitution. They should ensure to elect their representatives in state legislature and parliament in centre who can speak their cause in Assembly and Parliament.
 Presently Bodos got one Rajya sabha MP and a solid block of 12 MLAs. They are voice less as their wings are clipped by lure of power and position for personal gain . They can not raise voice for protection , promotion of their own tribal language, culture, customs traditions for maintaining distict separate identity even though it is guaranteed in the constitution. They do not raise any voice for protection of tribal land and political rights as enshrined in the constitution of India. These lot of senseless selfish representatives should be replaced by the representatives having sense of their own national interest of his own community not by same other selfish politicians. Then only you can get voiced your cause in Assembly and Parliament. Through them you can bring focus how the aboriginal inhabitant tribal community Boros are subjected to brutal suppression of their beloved language , rich culture, colorful traditions, idependent high philosophy by the majority society dominted ruling political parties. Their constitutionally reserved land is not protected and allowed to be illegally forcefully occupied by illegal intruders of the people of majority society.
The tribal region distictly  remain economically , educationally most neglected area and deprieved the  legitimate equal regional development. All higher educational institutions are concentrated in the town and cities dominted by  majority advanced community and 95% of the state economy is controlled by these people living in these town and cities. Thus there is huge regional imbalance in all vital development. This vital causes of justification of creation of separate state should be raised in the parliament and in the assembly as well. ABSU should ensure choosing their representatives who can speak for them selflessly and fearlessly. Then only your demand for separate state within frame work of the constitution can be achieved. Otherwise your shouting in the street and public places will not serve any purpose.
'Common public are united they feel they need the separate state for their development and live with dignity but leaders are not united for the reason best known to them. They may be kept disunited by third force to keep them suppressed for ever. So it should be ABSUs tacit endiouver to bring unity among all leaders for working unitedly to achieved common goal for the Bodo nation. For these ABSU should brush up their historical , constitutional and legal knowledge and increase their capacity for intra personnel management for uniting their leaders and to convince the political leaders in power', Basumatary said.

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