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Bangladeshis here in Assam, Bangladeshi nowhere in Orissa

In Assam every second day some boys and girls from various student organizations bring out processions demanding the ousting of Bangladeshis from Assam, sealing the Indo-Bangla border etc. But, these so called student leaders or different social organizations donot realize that the people of Assam are not aware at the grassroot level.

In order to prove my point let me site the example of Orissa. In Orissa, no student organization has to fight Bangladeshis or any infiltrators because the grassroot or Oriya villagers are aware. If any Oriya villager sees a Bangladeshi, they shoot the infiltrators with bows and arrows and never enter Orissa.

But in Assam once the procession or dharna is over, the participants return home after a nice tea party. The village Gaonburha, the police and the Panchayat gives shelter to Bangladeshis in Assam. So, what is the use of these processions and sit-in demonstrations. If Bangladeshis have to be thrown out of Assam, the villagers in the villages of Assam have to be aware, not the student leaders in the towns and cities.

Why don’t the student leaders invest their energy in empowering the villages of Assam ? The Gaon Panchayat, the Gaonburha should shoot down the moment a Bangladeshi comes to settle in their land. Why do we need Assam Police which is nothing but a band of ‘licensed goondas’ ? We shall protect our villages, our land, our forests, our rivers all by ourselves. The State politicians have failed us. The student leaders come up with dramas and only dramas from time to time infront of the camera.

Again, it is funny to see the Indian Army setting up camps in Tezpur to ward off the Chinese army, because all around they are surrounded by another set of foreigners called Bangladeshis. These are the ‘Silent Invaders’. Once Sonitpur becomes their stronghold like Kharupetia, Mangaldoi etc., the Indian Army will have to lend out their camps to Bangladesh Army and leave North-East forever.

Satyen Brahma,
Guwahati, Assam

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YK Shrestha's picture

I agee with Satyen Brahma. Yes, we have never heard of this Bangladeshi problem in Orissa. We need to educate our people. It is the responsibility of the village Gaonburha, AASU and the Panchayat to educate our people. Don't give them the jobs and they will not come to Assam. The Govt. should pass a law debarring the people to hire the Bangladeshis.
dhruba jyoti goswami's picture

When everyone is busy cooking their political fortunes on this issue, it's absolutely foolish to even think that any one would sincerely try to tackle this menace !! If even after 61 years of independence, we are unable to even guard/fence/seal our porous border, it only speaks volumes of our political parties. Fact is that the lack of work culture of the so called Assamese society, particularly to manual ones is the prime reason why the Bangladeshis comes in hordes & survive. Let's give it to them for their sheer tenacity & hard work, they will soon be ruling the state. Till then we can relax.
anup dutta's picture

Agreed with satyen, this is probably the peak hour to resolve the bangladeshi problem, if we sleep it out in this time, then, by the end of next decade, we will surely come across a bigger problem, bloodier then the past, when bangladeshis will start demanding a part of assam or northeast. The worst thing is that they might be successful as also they will be a majority, what with political parties patronizing bangladeshis. By the end of next decade or so, a huge chunk of our politicians will be bangladeshis. Time for all aborigine northeastern organizations to unite and alert everybody within us and make proper ramifications against all bangladeshis.
alex's picture

Would you believe me, I have lost my sleep regarding this issue our "joy aye asom" is left with a critical state, it is surely an insurgency, I sometimes feel that our politician emphasize more on speaking Bangla rather than Assamese, why just for vote bank this is happening or our people seriously wants to become a bangladeshi, why a big question mark? we cant blame others we can blame ourselves, staying in a furnished building and driving a deluxe car wont help us out, until we want to change, people wants to get a good job and live a peaceful life, but do not want to secure the piece of land in which we are living, a big question does arise, would someone like to answer. what is our children's and grand children's future? will we flee to some other place finding security? will our fore father's property's owner after a decade will be a bangladeshi? am seriously fed up
milk talukdar's picture

For Assam, just Bangladeshi is not a threat, also Bihari, nepali and other migration also. Axomiya are too much concern abt two children advertise, so Axomiya will become minority soon. All the Muslims living in rural areas are not Bangladeshi. They has been carrying the flag of asxomiya language.d
bishwajeet sinha's picture

Dear Milk Talukdar, don't compare an Indian citizen of any other state say Bihar, WB or UP with Bangladesh or Nepal. As our geographical region spread from NE to Gujarat and J&K to Kerala, any Indian citizen is free to live or earn money for survival of self & family! As an Assamese, you are free to move outside Assam and find means to survive anywhere in the country ! So, why barring other Indians to do so .........?
tamal's picture

what does Stayen Brahma want to say....its quite juvenile of him to say that by arming villagers we can prevent Bangladeshis...and there does not arise a question of Bangladeshi in Orissa as it does not share a border with Bangladesh... The first thing would be to seal the border so that no more people can come...also 20 thousand Bangladeshi will become 40 thousand in 10 yrs time cos of their fertility rates...a very serious and multi pronged vigorous approach is needed to solve the problem...and any attempt at communalising the issue on religious or linguistic lines is likely to result in Horrific consequences and a total failure...


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