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Elephants died by the naked electricity wire

In tragic incident, three wild elephants have been found dead inside the Sengelijan Elephant Reserve Forest under Gohpur Sub-division near Sirajukli Karbi Village on 27th July morning. The dead bodies of the elephants have been found in almost damaged condition as the elephants were feared to be died in few days back. All the wild elephants are females and are age of 40, 20,10 Years approximately. The cause of the dead of these elephants was found to be come in contact with a naked electricity wire.

Remarkably, in the incident place a 11 KV naked electricity wire seen passing over to the nearby Bihali Reserve forest from the Balijan Reserve Forest. The height of the naked electricity wire is found only to be about four and half feet, showing the sheer negligence of the authority concerned at the time of its installation. Because, an electricity power line should be on a considerable height, so that no one easily come in contact with it.
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