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11 year old molested

Sensation prevails in the area following the alleged molestation of a 11 year old girl by a businessman at Garuajhar under Panery PS. Danish Ali, a resident of 1 No. Garuajhar went to the girl's house to fetch betel-nut sapling. The girl was alone and taking advantage of the moment the youth allegedly sexually molested the minor,The minor was also threatened of dire consequences if she discloses the matter to anyone. The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon.

Moments after the matter was out in the public the accused surrendered at the Panery PS,informed OC Sohrab Ali. The accused has been forwarded to the Udalguri district court.

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Recipient of The Annual Colosseum Awards 2014 & 2015 (by The Assam Tribune group), Shajid Khan is a journalist based in Tangla.In his stint of journalistic experience he has contributed numerous political, socio-political stories for bountiful national,international as well as Assam based publications. He also pens down analytic commentary on print and web based publications.

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Mahendra firm on fast unto death

30 Aug 2012 - 7:36pm | editor

Despite deteriorating health, Mahendra Das is firm on fast unto death inside the Jorhat Central Jail. Das, whose fate hangs in balance due to an unfinished death sentence, said on Thursday that he won’t relent. Das, on Wednesday night was rushed the hospital following deteriorated health. But was taken back to the jail when his condition improved on Thursday morning. Das, a resident of Jorhat was convicted in a murder case after he beheaded a person 18 years ago and surrendered before police with the head. President confirmed his death sentence but still it mires in controversy.

Hajo steals the show with Bulbuli fight

15 Jan 2008 - 1:22pm | editor
Hajo is throbbing with the activities for sports of birds which is unique in its kind. On Magh Sankranti, thousands of people from across the north eastern region rush to the Haigriv temple premises to see this traditional fight of Bulibuli birds. Usually, its preparation began from mid December each year. Those willing to participants in the fight trap the birds from the nearby forest and keep them with care. The local residents further train up the tamed birds for fighting with each other.

Also on the eve of the day, these tamed birds are made addicted with alcoholic substances. But after the fight is over, these are freed again, say Balin Das, a local residence.

There is no reliable evidence to know the period of its beginning at the Haigriv Madhav temple Premises.

"We believe it to have started during the Ahom Swargadeo Rudra Singha. They further came to learn that the Ahom king was very much impressed at the fight of a pair of Bulibuli while he was there to visit the temple. Later on, it became a tradition," says Ananta Kalita.

This time, the fight of birds was opposed by several non governmental organizations. Terming it as an animal cruelty, they warned the people to stop the fight of birds. But the local residents are stick to the tradition.

"Its our tradition and we will maintain it," say a few distinguished people in the area adding that there is no harm for these wild birds adding that these bids are kept with due care for a month.

Raha plagues with civic problems

29 May 2011 - 5:12pm | Dibya J Borthakur

Despite being upgraded into a Town from a village in 2007 Raha is still plagued with lots of civic problems causing inconvenience to its residents. The joy of monsoon usually washes off with the first heavy shower every year for its residents , courtesy the Raha town committee’s apathy. Waterlogging, broken roads and lack of streetlights expose town committee’s tall claims of public works. Perturbed over the “callous” attitude of the Raha Town committee officials towards the problems of general public, the residents are peeved at it.

Simultaneously, the residents are coming up with severe criticism at the departments concerned, civil administration and the Government for not dealing with issues like repair of dilapidated roads within the town, clearing of garbage dumps, proper supply of drinking water and electricity, haphazard construction of business establishments and many other civic problems.

Large potholes on all roads within the town, indisciplined shops on footpaths and open garbage throwing system on roads have become common scene for the residents here.

Talking to this correspondent, the residents said, “ The civic body always gives an excuse of fund crunch for all the problems in the city. Though the body may be facing financial crunch, but for all the problems, this was not the only reason. Waterlogging, non-functional streetlights, miserable roads, open garbage dumps, the problems are many, but they are not due to paucity of funds.” They added that the “callous and apathetic” attitude of the town committee officials was the root cause of the problems being faced by the residents.”

The dilapidated wooden bridges and roads in and around Raha town have remained unrepaired for long rendering plying of buses on all roads almost impossible. For example,the road from Raha to Kampur passing through Chaparmukh is most dangerous which is why there is no buses ply on this road except a few private tempos,autoricshaws etc.

On the other hand, a PWD bridge on the River Kolong nearby Raha old chariali ,that connects Raha with Chaparmukh and some other areas of the town including ward no.1 is in a dilapidated condition for a long time as a result of which students and all sections of people need to cross the river through a bamboo bridge even in this rainy season where there is high risk of their lives. Interestingly,the department concerned is found sleepy over the subject.

It is a matter of much regret that though Raha is a vast area comprising of 5 mouzas it istill remains one of the most underdeveloped urban areas in the state. Hence, the residents of Raha have demanded the state government, the newly elected MLA, and the Raha Town committee as well to wake up from their sleep in order to relief the residents from their miserable life so that they too enjoy a convenient life at least to some extent.