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Golahgat dist admn orders probe into Arnab Kakoty's claims

The Golaghat district administration has ordered a high level probe into the claims of achievement by Arnab Kakoty, who came to hit the media headlines. Mr Kakoty was widely appreciated while he claimed to have crossed a few rounds of formalities for being nominated to the Nobel award. Further, he himself claimed to be associated with NASA projects. Very recently, he disclosed his 30 minute long discussion with US president George W Bush. But of late, he has failed to produce relevant documents to substantiate his claims. He was even felicitated by Assam Governor Lt general (Retd) Ajoy Singh following his claim of his outstanding achievement. According to sources, Arnab could be arrested if he further fails to substantiate his claims before the district administration.

Meanwhile, the whole Kakoti family is believed to be absconding. Yesterday, F. Ahmed, executive megistrate, had to return without meeting the family as the house was locked.

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Biraj Kumar Kakati's picture

well done, those kind of traitors should not be left out without strict punishment.
Monsoon Jyoti Gogoi's picture

Mr.Arnob , think about saving the forests of Assam rather than commenting that you would work for human kind and making newspaper headlines.
Pinchas Hodi's picture

It just shows how clueless Assamese journalists are! They are so used to telling (and then believing) cock and bull stories (since 1979; the great Prafulla-Bhrigu epoch), that none of them they ever once felt the need to cross check this guy's bombastic claims. All the news item pointed to just one source: A news item in The Assam Tribune, published in Jan, 2008, (the source of which was Kakati family itself). Come on, guys, we are not living in the stone age; we have internet, we know what is an internet (google) search. A cursory check at the NASA website, or the Nobel Prize site, or the Royal Society site, or even his own institution could have proved fruitful! This guy proving black hole theory wrong (which someone as brilliant as the late Fred Hoyle failed to do), A.P.J Abul Kalam urging him to join NASA, the Royal Society asking him to deliver 10 talks and promising to choose him for the Nobel Prize if the talks went well (and then choosing him based on 7 of them!), and then giving him a Rs. 20 Lakh worth car....if all these do not sound pure bullshit, then what does? For those of you, who are fully ignorant of the ground realities, the youngest person to have ever won a Nobel prize was someone named Bragg, who, in 1915, won it at the age of 25, and that he got along with his father. There are many other brilliant guys: one in a wheelchair somewhere in England (I don't remember, it was some obscure place .. Cambridge or something), another at a little known place called "Center for Advanced Studies" in an unknown University called Princeton, for example, who have not yet won it, and belong to the age-range of mid 50's to mid 60s.
Pinchas Hodi's picture

Erratum: I meant "big bang theory" while I wrote, albeit by mistake, "black hole theory".
sumanta kumar das's picture

Mr.Arnob making newspaper headlines helps in creating awareness among people but your objective must focus on saving the forest and wildlife of Assam .


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