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Model Bodoland Territorial Council, dying a slow death

No doubt, violence is crystal-clear, yet peace remains illusive. Will ‘peace return in Bodoland’-is what every common men and women talks about these days. The innocent lives are being target in the name of peace and prosperity. Probably, peace will return at the cost of innocent lives.

The recent incidents which took away more 40 innocent lives are glaring examples of rapid escalating violence in the four districts of Bodoland. Three and half years have just elapsed since the first Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) began its administration. Certainly, people expected not violence but development and peace to reign in.

A slogan ‘Model BTC’ was conceptualized, raised and reiterated aloud to bring peace, harmony and progress in Bodoland. For genuine reasons, people lent their ears as well, as they felt it should be. However, a half-way it got manipulated and redesigned to suit political interests. Very soon, people realized that it’s nothing but a mighty slogan for political mileage – a false propaganda dying fast half-way now.

Definitely, the whole concept of making BTC a model of peace and development is diminishing very fast as rampant corruption has taken its way. In the name of providing better connectivity funds are being sanctioned for building roads and bridges and various other new projects. However, half the fund is filling the pockets of handful leaders. As there is no mechanism to monitor the activities leaders have no problem getting themselves engaged in corruption.

The lack of proper infrastructures in schools and colleges in the entire BTC area is the need of the hour. Failure to meet the growing educational infrastructure will intensive the problem of illiteracy as the school drop-outs ratio is skyrocking. And before it is too late, steps need to be taken to arrest the situation by providing better infrastructures and scholarships should also be arranged to the needy students.

This is what we call 'a model BTC'? People seem losing their faith in BTC administration as the question of security, prosperity and peace is being raised. The ongoing escalating violence will only sabotage the lives of peace-loving people. Before it’s too late a little corrective steps need to be taken to bring peace and harmony which will pave the way for all round development in Bodoland.

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It was nice to read your thoughts on the current situation in Bodoland. Living with the ongoing violence and the killings that take place every alternate days is like one long journey through a dark tunnel. I once heard Mr Mohilary say, "No gaisonnaini sigang, Khunthayadi gun jayakhwi be khwnthakhou jwng gwsw hwnangwn. Judi gudiaonw gun jaywbla, be nokhou gwglwinainifrai jebw gwhwanw rwikha khalamnw haaya." This means,when laying a foundation for a new house, we need to make sure that the foundation pillar (in case it's wooden) isn't worm-eaten at the bottom. If the foundation pillar is worm-eaten at the bottom, no power can hold it back from falling. Well, he clearly talked about preventing corruption. He also encouraged Bodos to get into administrative posts like the IAS, as he believed that it's the bureaucracy that rules. Is this guy walking the talk? How far has he gone to make the region corruption free? I doubt it unless I see the results with my bare eyes!
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I pray to Almighty that good sense prevail upon the persons at the helm of affairs today in BTC to make the place liveworthy with peace and harmony.
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we don't need a powercraving ruler,or a clever or intelligent selfish leader but what we need is a sincere, peace loving and hardworking and foreseeing the future betterment and development of the Bodo people and people living in the BTAD area. So much money is poured from central government for different scheme of development but sad to say all money is disappearing in the hand s of few selfish leaders. All the schemes for which under-taken for the development of BTAD is never seen.

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