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Beware Cong, BJP, AGP

The emergence of one after another political party seems to have changed the political landscape in Assam a year ahead of the assembly polls. It would hurt AGP and BJP’s poll prospect which is enough for Congress to retain power for the fourth consecutive term.


Weeks after Pradyut Bora started paperworks to float a new party pledging honesty in politics, the Akhil Gogoi-led KMSS gets transformed into a political party with a vow to fight for the farming and landless lot.

Both Bora and Gogoi have yet to move the country’s  poll panel for registration. But poll strategies are ready to woo the voters.

The new parties are expected hit the vote shares of all the mainstream parties in the next assembly polls early next year if the political experts are to be believed.

“BJP will have to pay heavy price of Pradyut Bora’s exit. The party’s former national executive body member has some supporters who won’t vote for BJP. Thus the national party is bound to lose a part of the solid vote share in the assembly poll,” said GS Das, a political observer.

Bora, put in papers as a national executive body member last month mainly because to the move to Dr Himanta Biwa Sarma’s entry into the pary. He is holding hectic parlays to float the new party.  

Another political analysts Bibhav Bordoloi told Assam Times, “KMSS threatens to erode the AGP base. Gogoi, who claims to have been fighting for the landless lot would definitely hurt the existing hopes of the regional party. Neither Congress nor BJP can woo the AGP supporters. But these existing voters, mostly, are set to go with KMSS.”

“These people have no faith on AGP and BJP no to speak of Congress. They are aware of the impending danger of AGP. Their only resort is KMSS,” said Bordoloi who has been doing extensive research on the pre poll scenario in Assam.

Apart from KMSS and Pradyut Bora’s proposed parties, AAP is also expected the woo no less vote. Arvind Kejriwal’s charismatic victory in Delhi assembly polls has attracted the young voters.  

But the political analysts are more or less agree that AAP, Pradyut Bora and Akhil Gogoi would hardly be able to hit the Congress vote share in the assembly polls. According to the analysts the ruling party voters are still remaining intact. The Congress voters would hardly swing.

It would benefit us. AGP and BJP votes would be divided. It would hardly yield any benefit for the new parties also. It would help us retain power as our vote share is expected to remain inyact,” said a Congress leader in New Delhi.

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Akhil Gogoi is another Kejriwal in the making. The way he talks, gestures, accuses other parties, claims to be the honest person on earth. If elected he will be a dictator like Kejriwal and create a Delhi like situation. Assam will be doomed at his hands.

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