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IITian’s death shrouds in mystery

The recent death of Tussar Yadav inside IIT-Guwahati campus seems to have shrouded in mystery. The IITian’s parents have alleged it a murder case and that they are unhappy with the police investigation which has yet to ascertain the real circumstances where the Gurgaon student died on September 14.  

In an appeal sent to Assam Times, his parents rued that only a CBI probe would be able to unearth the truth.  They further alleged that the suicide note handed over to them bears no mention of date and signature whereas the IIT-G authorities have cited depression quoting the note "Hi mummy papa this is Tushar, I want to tell you about my story. I was in full depression over 2 months. It is worst".

 “This is the only document taken as proof of depression by the IIT authority.  Therefore, it creates a doubt in our minds as to who directed whom to search for the said note and under what circumstances.

Moreover the handwriting of the note and the handwriting of Tushar do not seem to match at all. The same needs to be investigated by the competent authorities,” alleged Tushar’s parents.  

 They find it utter surprising that there was no open injury, abrasion, contusion even after a fall from the height of more than 40 feet.  The post-mortem report merely states the cause of death to be “death due to damage to back bone”. The position and condition of his  body does not indicate as if he had jumped off from a height of 40 feet!

They rued that these circumstance suggest that this is not a case of suicide as it was maintained by Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati but there is something more sinister which has been brewing up at the Guwahati campus. 


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Hi Sir,The below letter was given to The Commissioner of Police, Guwahati, Assam but after that i have received no response and no action has been taken and the culprits are still not punished so request you to please take some action on it and help in getting justice. And please guide what we need to do more for justice. Please provide me your mail id so that i can send you proper     The Commissinor of Police     Guwahati, AssamDelay in investigation of untimely demise of TUSHAR YADAV (IIT-G)due negligence of local PoliceCase  FIR no. 710/2014 date 26/09/14 P.S.Jalukbari......... Respected Sir,                    1.  TUSHAR YADAV, student of ECE Ist year IIT-Guwahati, was found murdered after ragging in IIT-G campus on the intervening night of 13-14 Sept 2014. The case was registered at P.S. Jalukbari, Distt. Kamrup, Guwahati, under section 120(B)/302 IPC), vide FIR no. 710/2014 dated  26/09/2014.2.  We the grieved parents of Tushar wish to draw your attention towards negligence on part of Police in investigating the case. There are some very crucial evidences which were neglected by Police; these may prove important to solve the mystery behind the murder.(a)  Photograph obtained from Police of the site of occurrence show that hook and zip of pant and buttons of shirt were open. There were visible scars on Tushars’ body. Straps of slippers lying next to the body were broken. All these evidences prove that Tushar was ragged, manhandled and physically abused before being murdered.(b)  Circumstantial evidence point to the fact that Tushar met his end somewhere else. Later his body was placed there to falsely show that Tushar jumped from terrace of hostel. To jump from the particular part of terrace, one would require to climb a 8'4" high wall covering water tanks on hostels terrace. Even toady, climbing 8'4" high wall is impossible for any normal individual. (c)  Post-mortem report indicates spinal injury as the only cause of death. There were no multiple fractures which shall definitely occur in case of a fall from a height of 50-55 feet. Proper investigation is warranted by Forensic Experts.(d)  Nobody heard the sound of fall including canteen workers or students from the nearby room or guards around. Hostel canteen in close proximity of the place of occurrence was open till 3AM. We suspect that the culprits were well aware of this fact; therefore, they placed the body at site only after closing of canteen. The suspicion gets accentuated from the fact that although it rained on the intervening night of 13-14 Sept 2014, there were no dirt and stains on Tushars’ body and cloths. The cloths were dry; mobile phone was also dry and working. This further supports the fact that the body was placed at the site only in the early morning hours. (e)  Further, Tushars’ roommate in his statement stated that he returned to his room after 3:30AM. We request that thorough interrogation of Hostel warden, canteen owner, students residing in nearby rooms and most importantly of Tushars’ roommate can only reveal the truth.3.  Details of Mobile calls, SMSs, Whatsapp messages from Tushar, his roommate Shrikant and seniors must be taken on record and investigated. 4.  It is a proven fact that after committing a crime, criminals always make a short call to their near and dear ones. Calls details from IIT-G towers made by students to their near and dear ones in some urgency of that night can be filtered to filter the probable culprits. 5.  We had informed the warden that we are coming over urgently by the earliest flight. Still Tushars’ body was removed from the site. Kindly investigate the person who permitted/ordered shifting of  Tushars’ body to Guwahati Medical College.  6.  Forensic report of Tushars’ laptop, mobile and his viscera reprots have not been received yet.                  7.  We are aggrieved to state that investigation in Tushars’ case is not progressing on the right path and due diligence on part of investigating officer is missing as 8 months have passed without any arrest. We therefore request you to kindly hand over the case to CID for proper and speedy investigation so that persons responsible for the death of our son TUSHAR are brought to the justice.Yours Sincerely,Narender Singh & Bindu Yadav,Parents of Tushar YadavH.N.1036,Sector 39,Gurgaon, 


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