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International Women’s Day

Since the last few years the world has witnessed a not so silent revolution aiming women emancipation carried out mostly by the women for the women. The revolution has reached such a stage that today many women claim to walk shoulder to shoulder in the journey of life.

An International Women’s Day observed on the March 8th is a flame that proves that women have come of age in an otherwise patriarchal society. Today there is hardly anything that a man can do which a woman cannot, provided she wills.

Along with the rest of the world Guwahati too celebrated International Women’s Day. The Directorate of Social welfare organized a day long seminar and sale cum exhibition of the products of SHGs at the NEDFi Haat in Ambari.

Eminent personalities such as Minister for Social Welfare, Ajanta Neog, Secretary Social welfare, Hemanga Sharma, Dr Dipali Dutta, Deputy Director, Social Welfare, Junu Neog, Kula Saikia, Kabita Bhattacharya etc were present on the occasion.

The seminar focused on a number of important issues concerning the northeast such as woman trafficking, domestic violence etc and also at the same highlighted the positive points of the social status of women in the northeast.

Every woman or man for that matter, is born with an inherent will to survive against odds, to put a brave front during troubled times which sometimes tends to wear away with the vagaries of time. External factors lead to further loss of faith in oneself and life and then there comes a time that she loses all hope and becomes a mere shadow of her earlier self. This is when she falls prey to the scheming monsters of the world that comes in the form of dowry demons, abusive relationships or sexual harassment.

Proper education love and affection in childhood creates a confident woman in adulthood but only a handful of the Indian girl-child is fortunate enough to enjoy such a status. Poverty and the obsession with the male child of an average Indian family is a constant impediment to any real development of the little women in our country.

There is no denying the fact that many women, many urban women have achieved great heights in their chosen fields marching ahead in life matching every step with their male counterparts but these are mostly modern women of modern India.

But now the need of the hour is to provide a wake up call to the women in the villages. Now its time to hand over the flame of women emancipation to the women of the villages, then only then can this revolution find a fitting release.

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You are dead right in pointing out that the evolution or should I say society balance vis-à-vis feminine rights are concerned, has been achieved in urban areas. I would have argued with the writer if she had written the article, pointing out that women were still oppressed. Every society has a problem and they are dealing it with their own ways. In western countries, females carry the privilege of legal rights in the garb of harassments and scores of other issues. Don’t tell me that they were introduced out of nothing, those problems exist there and have been countered in right fashion. So, this idea that only INDIAN women are oppressed is an idea being thrown by social activists and politicians to keep them in business. The urban INDIAN women have evolved but now the time has come to extend these privileges to rural INDIA, the message comes loud and clear from this article. If I am not considered a moron, I would like to ask writer that why did she not ask those Minister of welfare or whatever that why this seminar in Metropolitan city? Why not somewhere in the rural area? If the question is really of women, then why address it from metropolitan platform, why not from a village where rural folks can be told about urban women progress? What is the use of addressing village problems from a 5 start hotel in city? Rude questions, but again, if seen in the perspective, may address our fundamental question as to why the problem is still there? Maybe because of the lip service rendered by these so called EMINENT personalities, the problem still exists. Also, two things are fundamental in life, One, Plan and second Implementation. From these platforms, where our eminent personalities speak, only plan comes out, what about implementation? It is never carried out because these people are far from the actual problem. They know women face problems in villages, but have they actually been with them and felt a need to implement the law which is in place. No, I don’t think so, because if it was the case, then platform would have been different.


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