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Meet on greater Bodo nation

Former Lok Sabha MP and President of the World Bodo National Confederation Sansuma Khunggur Bwiswmuthiary  has convened a meeting on July 6 next at Tribal Rest House,Paltan Bazar in Guwahati to discuss over the fornation of common Bodo national plateform to working with joint efforts for the safeguard and security as well overall welfare,progress and development of the entire Bodo nation through mutual deliberation and exchange of views and ideas.

In a release Bwiswmuthiary made a clarion call to all the nationalist,democratic,committed,dedicated and enthusiastic invidulas and people of all the Bodo groups concerned of the whole state of Assam to get united into a common platform against the backdrop of the ongoing most crucial and deadly terrible overall situation being confronted with by the Bodo nation as a whole,particularly Bodos living within the state of Assam at the present juncture.

He said he has minutely observed  that except the literary organistaions of the respective Bodo groups concerned,most of the retired persons,senior citizens,non-political individuals,enthusiastic,consentious,honest,dedicated and committed sections of the society could not find any proper and viable platform to work with and to render their yeomens’ services towrds the safeguard and security and overall progress and development of their respective  bodo groups concerned and also of the entire Bodo nation.

He has felt a deepest sense of sorrow and compunction over the manifold tragedies and impending diabolical dangers and hostile situation and circumstances that have loomed large and apused a monster-like great threat to the overall indigenous rights and prvilages,safety and security,survival and existance with own distinct ethnic self identity of the Bodo nation.

He has also expressed his serious concern and compuction over the division and sub-division of the Bodo people on political aprty line wich has compoundd the tragedies and dangers of the Bodos which needs to be taken care of by way of bridging the gulf differences of opinion and strategies and by way of uprooting the sense of mutual hatred and mistrust through mutual delibertaion and excahmnging views and ideas sitting and meeting together under a common platform.

Bwiswmuthiary has made a clarion call to all sections, individulas of all walks of life of the entire Bodo nation to extend their helping hand and co-operations to make thefunction a grand success.


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