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Objection against Sarania, Murmu

An objection have been raised against Naba Kumar Sarania @ Hira Sarani, consensus candidate of Jonogostiya Aikhya Mancha and pro-talk ULFA leader, who has filed nomination to the No. 5 Kokrajhar Lok Sabha Constituency, on his validity of Scheduled Tribe (ST) certificate and Salkan Murmu, a nominated candidate from Jharkhand Disom Party (JDP), as he is belong to Saothal community, who are not recognized ST in Assam state and demanded rejection of nominations.

Janaklal Basumatary and Karuna Kanta Basumatary, senior citizen and members of S T in Kokrajhar constituency submitted an objection letter to the deputy commissioner, Kokrajhar Returning Officer on Thursday stating said that Naba Kumar Sarania alias Hira Sarania is not Boro-Kachary as Saranias are not notified to be so by the S.T. granting authority.

They said, ‘The very nomenclature Sarania itself suggest that they have embraced Vaishnavism and merged with bigger Assamese Hindu society and also merged with bigger Assamese culture & language. Thus they were not included in the S.T. list in the constitutional (Scheduled Tribe) order 1950 as amended by the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe order (amendment) Act, 63 of 1956, 108 of 1976, 18 of 1987 and 15 of 1990’.

‘It was only when BPF came into power in BTAD Administration, Saranias are considered a part of Bodo-Kochary and the All Assam Tribal Sangha was compelled to issue S T certificate for them by a simple resolution in a joint meeting held among the BPF party represented by its Chief, Assam Govt. by W.P.T. minister and All Assam Tribal Sangha and Sarania Samaj which is not valid as it was not notified in accordance with the provision of the Act. 342(1) & (2) of the constitution, they said adding that under clause (1) & (2) of the Article 342 only the President of India and the Parliament can notify “the tribe or tribal community or part of or group within any tribe or tribal community which shall for the purposes of this constitution be deemed to be scheduled tribe in relation to that state or union territory as the case may be.”

They stated that even if Saranias are considered a part of Boro-Kachary community, they must be notified in accordance with the provision of the above mentioned relevant Article of the Indian Constitution. Neither BTAD administration, nor Govt. of Assam, nor All Assam Tribal Sangha have power to grant scheduled tribe status to any community or part of community at their own. Since, the Saranias are not included in the scheduled tribe list of Assam, the issue of S T certificated as Boro-Kachary (considering part of Boro-Kachary) is not in accordance with the provision or Article 342 (1) & (2) of the constitution of India, and hence such certificate is not valid and liable to be rejected.

Moreover, the govt. of Assam notified them as Sarania Kachary, not Boro-Kachary and granted them a separate Sarania Kachary council that too without constitutional sanctions which means they are not Boro-Kachary who are under BTAD.

They clarifying said that both Sarania and Sarania Kachary is not include in the scheduled tribe list of Assam like-1.Boro-Kochary,2.Barmans,3.Deori,4.Hojai,5.Sonowal Kochary,6.Lalung,7.Mech,8.Mishing Miri,9.Rabha,10.Dimasa,11.Hajong,12.Singphow,13.Khamti and 14.Garo and hence Naba alias Hira Sarania belongs to Sarania or Sarania-Kachary, not Boro-Kachary and so Sarnia’s ST certificate is not valid, fraudulent and liable to be rejected.

Senior citizens have also said Naba Sarania under disguise of Hira Sarania is a member of banned ULFA organization with serious criminal antecedent who is believed to be under ceasefire with govt.of India. Therefore, he is not fit to participate in democratic process as per Election Commission’s guideline and demanded his nomination paper for contesting in the No. 5 Kokrajhar ST constituency in the Lok Sabha Election should be rejected.

On Salkan Murmu’s nomination paper, senior citizens alleging said that Murmu belong to Saotal community, who are not recognized S T in the state of Assam. If, he furnishes ST certificate from any other state outside of Assam is not entitled to contest a seat of parliamentary constituency reserved for the S T in the autonomous district of Assam as per sub section (C) of section 4 for of the representation of people act 1951 as the No. 5 Kokrajhar Constituency is reserved for ST’s of BTAD autonomous district council under 6th Scheduled of the Indian Constitution and hence his nomination paper is liable to be rejected, they added.

They have urged the Deputy Commissioner and Returning Officer, Kokrajhar to take stern action on Sarania on his invalid and fraudulent ST certificate and being a member of banned organization while act in accordance with the provision of the representation of peoples act 1951 against Murmu as he is submitted nomination to the Kokrajhar HPC.

Mentioned be made that poll of Kokrajhar HPC would be held on April 24.It is being observed that both Sarania and Murmu may have to face hardship while in scrutinizing papers on April 7, as because  senior citizens have also sent copies to the Chief Election Officer, Govt of Assam and Chief Election Commissioner, Nirvachan Bhawan, New Delhi and if papers are rejecting they would not be able to contest the ensuing election.





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