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Executive Meeting of Tai Ahom National Council

An executive body meeting of Tai Ahom National Council, Assam was held at Simaluguri on 14th March 2010 under chairmanship of the organization’s President Dr. J.N.Phukan. The meeting discussed at length, the past activities of the council, recent socio-political developments related to the Tai-Ahom community and other matters. Discussion was also focused on the matters related to the formation of the proposed Tai Ahom Development Council.

The meeting proposed to hold its general convention in the month of May 2010 and convene a mahasbha on 21st March 2010 with participation of all major organizations of the Tai Ahom community at Sivasagar to finalize the modalities for formation of the Tai Ahom Development Council with suggestion to the State government.

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The Chinese are working on plans move to divert the Tsangpo (the Brahmaputra in Assam) and the Mekong rivers originating in Tibet to make the Gobi desert of China a food zone which would turn the whole of Assam and adjoining region a droughthit zone. And the numerous small and large communities among the Assamese people are still steeped in ethnic politics and thinking on lines of hundreds of years old. Why can't we think beyond all these regressive steps like holding 'mahasabhas' of different tribes or communities?
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It is a good news that the Chinese are going to solve our flood problem (which our people can not). I wonder if they could divert the flow of unwanted foreigners also so that our communities could live happily! (Which our government can not).
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Good to hear the Chinese are planing to solve world hunger problem. Hopefully there will be closer tie between Assam and China, the home of our Tai ancestors.
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Well to be honest since I am in China for a long time now at least I can tell u that Chinese govt might solve their hunger problem to quite an extent in the coming years. But the ironical is what about us and our problems Hunger/ plus illegal migrants dear to our govts
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Diversion of the Brahmaputra would lead to Desertification of Assam and several areas of North-East. Drought and Desertification would be more dangerous and lead to a new problem. Assam is not able to solve flood problem because of numerous petty interests of numerous communities/tribes and perverted leaders who flame ethnic division and divide in terms of ethnic lines. And our Tai ancestors were from Thailand, not China. How irresponsible comments!
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@Sumon, Maybe your ancestors came from Thailand on Thai Air. My Tai ancestors came from Mou Lung, in the Dehong Dai area of Yunan, China.
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All those who divide the state of Assam on ethnic lines and organise meetings on the basis of ancestors, and their origin, should go back to their ancestral lands. This is because they have not as yet been able to identify themselves with the land which has been their home for ages down the centuries. This way, there will be peace in this state of ours.
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I feel very ashamed to call myself a Tai Ahom afetr reading the comments first of all i want to make it clear that neither our ancestors came from Thailand nor from China but we can add china partially. During the mighty periods of Tais they once ruled the China but during the reign of the great chinese ruler Shi Wan Ti the Tais began to push back leaving China and spreading almost in entire South East Asian countries like Burma, Thailand, Laos etc. Our Tai Ahom ancestors came from Muang Mao which is now located in Upper part of Burma and still the Tai tribes like Tai Shan lives there and speaks the same language as of ours. So please dear friends be an Assamesse in general but at heart be an Ahom in particular to save our once mighty culture.

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