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Hindu Gnosis of the One God of Muhammad (PBUH)

It is however not possible to encapsulate and comment on a multi-faceted personality as towering as that of Prophet Muhammad's-The Praised One and the magnanimous affect of his message borne by different civilizations and races inhabiting the face of the earth. He is talked about more for his propagation of Islām – an out and out homogenous and by far the largest practised religion on earth which routinely emphasize worldwide the existence of One True God - the Creator of the Worlds and Sustainer of every life form including the whole of humankind.

Apart from Islām's immense theological proximity to Judaism and Christianity in terms of horizontal growth and cultural impact there is not a race who did not harbor knowledge of the coming of Prophet Muhammad-The Praised One. The Holy Qur'an in Chapter 40:Verse 78 categorically states: "We did aforetime send messengers before you: of them there are some whose story We have related to you, and some whose story We have not related to you. . ." Dwellers of the Eastern World particularly those beyond the River Indus had information of the events that were destined to unfold with the advent of Prophet Muhammad-The Praised One, evidences of which are contested to be contained in the Hindu Texts.

It cannot be shrugged off and contradicted as mere coincidence and an inexpert speculation or conspired forgery of sorts of facts in the Texts otherwise held to knowledge. It would be as if to deny the avouchment: "For each period is a book (revealed)." [The Holy Qur’an 13:38] for verily it is none but Allāh who conveyed the prognostication of Prophet Muhammad-The Praised One to those of the enlightened who believed in the Brahma Sutra "Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan" [Sanskrit Transliteration] the English of which reads: "There is only one God, not the second; not at all, not at all, not in the least bit." and "Na tasya pratima asti" [Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:19] which in English reads: "There is no likeness of Him." This is in complete agreement to what The Final Revelation in book form - The Holy Qur'an as disclosed to Prophet Muhammad -The Praised One in Surah Al-Ikhlas 112:1-4 sums up in one go: "...He is God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begets not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him.” This proves without doubt that the principal concept and the examplerary attributes of One God was communicated to the devout Hindu seers at the prime but eventually the concept mired in later pollinated descriptions resulting in pantheism.

The Jews, their predecessors and their contemporaries had foreknowledge of clement Muhammad (PBUH) through various sources. An example: in the statement of the Gospel of Barnabas Jesus (PBUH) is reported to have conveyed that the Covenant will be fulfilled with the "Shiloah" - the Prophet of Allāh - who will come from the family of Prophet Ishmael. Muhammad (PBUH) indeed sprang forth from the family of Prophet Ishmael (PBUH). In he Book of Deuteronomy Chapter xviii. Verse 18 Allāh assures: "I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee; and I will put my words in his mouth." Muhammad (PBUH) was chosen from among his people, was not lettered and hence words were indeed put into his mouth through Archangel Gabriel.

"Iqra bismi rabbikalla dhi khalaq. Khalaqal insana min alaq. Iqra wa rabbukal akram. Alladhi 'allama bil qalam. 'Allamal insana malam ya’lam," - these are the first five verses of Surah Al-Alaq of The Holy Qur'an (96:1-5) which means: "Read in the name of your Lord who created, created man from a clot. Read, for your Lord is most Generous, Who teaches by means of the pen, teaches man what he does not know."

In contrast the east dwelling seers too were in the know. The Bhavishya Puran: vide Prati Sarg: Part III, 3, 3, 5 fortold the arrival of Muhammad (PBUH): “Etasminnantire mlechha Achar Yen samanvitah; Mahamad iti Khyatah Shishyashakhsamanvitah,” which translates as: "In the mean time a non-Aryan Spiritual Teacher will appear with the bunch of his disciples. His name will be Mahamad..." Muhammad (PBUH) was a non-Aryan, he was an Arab, a foreigner to easterners and eastern description. There has hardly been any other Prophet in the world who had such a host of companions all resembling him.

The Atharva Veda in 20:129 prophesizes Muhammad's (PBUH) historical urgent emigration to Medina: "O people, listen [to] this emphatically! the man of praise [The name 'Muhammad' literally means 'praiseworthy' in Arabic] will be raised among the people. We take the emigrant in our shelter from sixty thousand and ninety enemies whose conveyances are twenty camels and she camels, whose loftiness of position touches the heaven and lowers it."

The population of Mecca during the time of Prophet Muhammad-The Praised One was grossly sixty thousand and ninety. Allāh protected Muhammad-The Praised One from the hostilities of the Meccans and helped him script his journey to Medina safely. Camels as conveyances are significant to deserts which substantiates a desert country. “whose loftiness of position touches the heaven and lowers it.” indicates Prophet Muhammad's miraculous Acension to Heaven.

There are a number of prophecies attributed to Muhammad (PBUH) in the Primary and perceived Secondary Hindu Texts which were examined and first presented by Research Scholars of Hindu origin even before Muslim Scholars found food for thought and agrument in them of the premordial credo preached and let known on the face of the earth. The examplerary works of Dr. Ved Prakash Upaddhaya, Prayag University, Prof. Ashit Kumar Bandhopaddhaya, Former Director, Sanskrit Academy, Howrah, Dr. Gouri Bhattacharya, Prof. Rabindra Bharati University, Dr. Abdul Haque Vidyarthi, Dr. Suzzane Olsson, Dr. Pran Nath and many others bring to light the merit of the prophecy of the Hindu Texts. Allāh is acclaimed as One in the Hindu Texts and in doing so they regard His Actions, His Authority, His Signs, His Plans, His Messengers, His Enlightened ones and also His Medium of Revelation.

Prophet Muhammad-The Praised One (PBUH) has been sent as a mercy not upon Muslims alone but upon the entire mankind. The Holy Qur'an in 34:28 declares: "We have not sent you (O Muhammad) but as a universal Messenger to men giving them glad tidings and warning them (against sin) but most men understand not." If the concept of the One True God is welcome by Hindus so is The Holy Qur'an as the percolated word of Allāh and so is Muhammad-The Praised One in Hindu Texts foretold. A thorough open scrutiny of the Texts help dispel myths; myths that push multitudes towards sheer ignorance.

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