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Pathetic condition of Saru Pathar- Jamunamukh Road

The people of Jamunmukh town are having harrowing time while traveling by road from Nagaon-Hojai belt as the main connecting road from Saru Pathar to Jamunamukh is having big holes, where not only four-wheelers but two-wheeler drivers too are having stressful drive a s there is no alternative to reach there. The road turns into mud-filled in rainy season, but now-a-days dust is also contributing largely due to negligence by PWD.

The Jamunamukh legislative assembly constituency is presently represented by AUDF MLA Sirajuddin Azmal, but the proximity with veteran leader also not bringing any fruitful result for local residents and their woes might continue beyond forth-coming assembly election too where once again voters will be given promises instead of concrete road.

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Since our childhood we are facing the same problem. It was the Ist time AGP's tenure that this road was made ok. During last by-election Congress promised to repair this road & stones were piled up as well as some works were done. But when Congress lost the by-poll, they not only stopped the work but also took back the materials thats were piled up for repairing. But in that election congress got maximum votes from Jamunamukh areas. The reason behind this undevelopement is nothing but lack of LOCAL LEADER, though the constituency is named Jamunamuhk,no one gets ticket from proper Jamunamukh. As a result nobody takes any intitiatives for the road. The worst part is that most of the voters, votes on the basis of religion, not on the basis of marit.
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Jamunamukh is a historical from the time of British Raj. But if we talk of the Communication system then shame to say that its very pathetic and backward in the comparison of other place of Assam. The so-called Filty Politics has devour Jamunamukh.From the time of Independence people of Jamunamukh gets million of problems for worse Road Condition.If we ask ourself who are liable for the Roads then what we can say we normally blame Politics is it considerable?


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