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Anti-people policy of India in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

Sept 23, 2010. All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary Rahul Gandhi comes to Guwahati campus of IIT and makes a statement, “Construction of big dams in the North East is not ‘anti-people’and the concern of the common man is being given top priority.” It is baffling to come across such an insensitive remark when mass protests are going on against mega dams in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Three ancient tribes of the two states will suffer the most-- the Adis, the Misings and the Deuris. It seems Rahul Gandhi has not done his home work well like most politicians in India or it might be because Assam has the same party in power as at the Centre.

A flashback for Rahul Gandhi

August 26, 2010. The same person went to Niyamgiri in Orissa and assured the Dongria Kondh tribe saying, “I am your soldier.” Here the self-proclaimed ‘ aam aadmi ka sipahi’ is posing as the voice of the tribal community which is firm on not letting Vedanta Resources mine bauxite in the Niyamgiri. Is it because the BJD is the party in power in Orissa? Rahul Gandhi must have calculated the protesting communities as the most viable vote-bank for the Congress in Orissa at the moment.

Jammu & Kashmir, India’s only Muslim majority state (according to the demography of 1947, which is same for the state till date), was the first state in India to ban cow slaughter in India with due respect to article 48 of the Constitution of India. Such was the heart and mind of a Kashmiri in the 1950s. And look at Kashmir today. The series of wrong policies by a certain group of people in sitting in the North Block of Delhi has made what Kashmir is today. If the Government of India goes on with its shortsighted strategies of the so called ‘development’, in the coming decades it will make a Kashmir of Arunachal Pradesh too, not to speak of Assam.

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India plans to destroy Arunachal Pradesh for its gains-- First Indian central government destroyed the tribal cultures of N.E.FA. by imposing Hindi on the people. Now Indian government with the help of its puppets in the Itanagar State Assembly want to destroy the entire tribal population of the state. Mega dams and PRCs to non-tribals are steps in this direction. Our grandparents were great samples for experimentation. Should we also give in as guinea pigs to be experimented upon by Indian mainland? People like S.K. Garg, CMD of NHPC are the symbolise the Hindi speaking, high caste Hindu sent by India to decide the fate of Arunachal Pradesh.
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Rahul Gandhi's strategy is typically luring the support of the young and 'awestruck teenagers'who are in awe of his image. Why has he no comments on the commonwealth scam or the rotting of foodgrains in many parts of the country? Why is the 'so called soldier' so selective in his approach?
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This is something which is going on in and around the political scenario of our country.They are the people who for some parts like Orissa talk about environmental imbalance and again they are the one who try to be blind in the case of power dams of Assam. Tangled by their own comments only.
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Arunachal Pradesh tribals will be the next Chattisgarh tribals soon-- The Dorjee Khandu led Congress govt in Arunachal Pradesh is hell bent on making us the public believe that our development is related to dams. Let us know facts. Chattisgarh is one of the poorest states in India interms of welfare of its people. It is a tribal state and the power hub of India. The state gives the most power to India. Yet it is the hotbed of Naxalism. This is because the tribals in the state have been displaced from their lands by dams, mines and other central govt activities in collaboration with the power companies and state govt of Chattisgarh run by a CM as fat as Dorjee Khandu. The condition of the tribal people in Chattisgarh worse than animals in although it is such a power-rich state of India. Their standard of living is as worse as the poorest of poor African countries. Why? Why does a state which is the electricity hub of India have become the hotbed of Naxalism? Why are tribals of Chattisgarh still below poverty line? It is high time the people of Arunachal Pradesh realize the truth and stop being fooled by Dorjee Khandu who is a servant sold out to Sonia Gandhi and Jaypee group. Ministers are slaves of kings, not leaders. Assam has found a leader in Akhil Gogoi. Arunachal Pradesh still has to find one.
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Hoax or Reality?? During Vietnam war, the US government and the American mainstream media projected Vietnam as a rich country to their citizens. It was only after a group of three journalists went to the war ravaged country and brought back pictures from Vietnam and published in some responsible news outlets that the people of America realized that their govt and govt controlled/sponsored media was fooling them. Vietnam was one of the poorest countries in Asia, but with great self-respect. Likewise we cannot trust the Indian media which is used by the Indian central govt and corporate to publish stories like dams on the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra in China. Is this a concerted effort to draw away attention of the public from the NHPC dam projects in Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border and the hundreds of dams coming up in Arunachal Pradesh? If the reports of dams by China is given so much coverage, why is the news of breaking of two dams on river Elhwa in the Americas not given any coverage??


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