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Water Scarcity in Guwahati

We, in Guwahati, face a water scarcity every year in the dry months - February and March. For me it is a shame to human life. Because mother earth has ample potential to make us survive on it but, we are the people who do not know how to acquire it, Instead we destroy all provisions made by the earth for our livelihood.

We still live on speculations like - multistoried construction activities consume lots of water during construction period or deep-tube-wells in apartments suck underground water more and make scarcity of underground water to the houses in the neighborhood, etc. These are basically some excuses to common people of our inabilities or our shallow knowledge to find out a proper solution.

As per my common sense, we fall under imbalance of quantum of water required for the city, against the total per-capita consumption of water needed. Underground water resource cannot be divided in neighborhood or individual house basis. It is a resource under the whole area of same topographic nature and a city as a whole.

Mighty river Brahmaputra can be called the greatest water resource of the earth and flowing by us is there to help us! We have to come out in action not with excuses.

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My comments would be on the second para. DJ Mahanta is absolutely correct when he says that about our common people's limited knowledge. Unfortunately our people at the helm of affairs use these as a tool to wash away their incapability. How do cities as Hongkong with so many and so high structures manage potable water. Singapore, has potable water in every tap, fit for drinking without a worry. It is arrangement with Malayasia which provide untreated water , which they treat and distribute, including back to Malayasia. Our planners/politicians only find excuse not to work.I firmly believe where there is will there is a way.

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