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Crusade against right to freedom

No doubt, India is not at Taliban state. We live in a democratic country where right to freedom of individual has been enshrined in the constitution and by law we are guaranteed to it. Infringement, in any form of this right is punishable by law. And every citizen is empowered to approach the judiciary for ascertaining his or her fundamental rights.

The Sri Ram Sena activists of Mangalore, who shamelessly molested innocent girls is against this right to individual freedom. This sort of atrocity against women is not a new phenomenon in our country. Certainly, it does call for no substantiation to justify. The mushrooming of fundamentalist groups like the Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, and other group formed under the guise of serving the society, either directly or indirectly back by different political parties may be credited to it and at the moment they the real threat to individual freedom and the society in particular. It is a contagious virus threatening our peaceful co-existence and questioning the democratic ideology of the constitution. It’s a fact that goons cannot serve even the mother who gave them life.

The Mangalore episode is an eye icebreaker not only for the state and the central government, but for all its citizens. It is a precise occasion to counteract these cancerous and anti-social elements and bring the culprits to justice. The successive government, fearing the lost of votes has failed to take any decisive action. How can a democratic government can afford turn a blind eye when even the basic right of the constitution is being endangered?

The government too is responsible for allowing such organisations to function openly. The administration must wake up that it is the responsibility of the state to guard its citizens from Hindu fundamentalists and keep away their narrow political interests for the welfare of its victimised citizens. The government must come front, rather than waiting for its citizens to act upon. Till they have a free hand in the modus operandi, the taliban style of atrocities will continue to break the media headlines for wrong reasons. At the moment, it is in Mangalore and tomorrow, no one knows where it will go off. Certainly, the provision of the constitution ‘right to form any organisation for peaceful purposes’ should be strictly monitored and at the moment it demands redefining of the very concept of the constitution no organisation should be allowed to function which have religious backing.

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