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AGP leader Biraj Sarma dead

  • File photo: Biraj Sarma
    File photo: Biraj Sarma

AGP veteran and former minister Biraj Kumar Sarma passed away in Guwahati on Tuesday. Sarma, who was suffering from ailment breathed his last at the Nemcare Hospital in the city at 2.30 in the afternoon where he was undergoing treatment.

Many political parties, leaders, organizations condoled the sudden death of the Assam Accord signatory and conveyed deep sympathy to the bereaved family members.

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9 injured in ULFA attack

22 Aug 2013 - 8:43pm | AT News

Atleast nine persons including four journalists sustained injury when ULFA exploded a powerful grenade in Mongoldoi on Thursday. The incident took place at the police station campus at 6.30 in the evening. Eyewitnesses told assamtimes that two motorcycle born youths lobbed the IED from the national highway to the campus targetting a function. The explosion took place with a huge sound leaving 9 people injured. They include 2 policemen and 4 journalists who were covering the function.

The injured have been rushed to the hospital. Hours after the attack, the insurgent outfit owned up the responsibilty of the incident.

Raha toll gate shuts down for 24 hours

22 Jul 2018 - 9:19pm | Pankaj Sharma

The controversial Raha Toll Gate at Raha in Nagaon district has been shut down temporarily for 24 hours by National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) after Nagaon district administration notified NHAI about the alleged ‘illegal’ status of the particular gate. This happened after protesters led by Akhil Gogoi raised the issue of ‘illegal’ status of the Toll Gate before the district administration at the protest site.

The representatives of the Nagaon district administration present at the site of protest admitted that the Toll Gate is located within 2 km of the Raha Town. Though they didn’t comment on the illegal status of the Gate, in particular, they pointed out that NHAI had prepared the plan of the four-lane passing through Raha in the year 2003-04 and that time Raha Town wasn’t formed, which came into being later in 2009.

Protesters led by Akhil Gogoi submitted a memorandum raising the issues to the Nagaon district administration following which they notified about the issues to the NHAI. The NHAI has closed down the Raha Toll Gate for 24 hours. Meanwhile, the protesters have requested for a tripartite meeting with the CM of Assam and NHAI authorities. NHAI has agreed to a meeting within the next 24 hours to decide the fate of the Raha Toll Gate.

DHD(N) formed new political party

17 Mar 2013 - 5:22pm | Anup Biswas

Realising that the armed revolutionary struggle could not bring peace and development or any sort of solution, rather would be better to take up non-violent, peaceful democratic process for all round growth. And to fight democratically for the cause of the people of the District as well as socio-economic development it was very much necessary to be a part of parliamentary politics in a democratic country. Therefore the leaders of former Dima Halam Daogha led by Dilip Ninisa along with well wishers, supporters and civil body leaders have decided to launch a political party in name and style as DIMA HASAO DOL stated a wide circulated press note issued by Shri Mukesh Diphusa Publicity Secretary DIMA HASAO DOL.

 It is stated in the release that it was well known to you all that the 11th Autonomous Council election of Dima Hasao Autonomous Council (DHAC) was almost knocking at the door. It was likely to be held shortly in the month of April.

The newly formed DIMA HASAO DOL would nominate candidates and contest the ensuing election of the DHAC in 2013. They have decided to place their Candidates in most of the constituencies and electing the DIMA HASAO DOL Candi­dates to form Government at DHAC with absolute majority was of utmost necessity for development and for full implementation of all MoS Clauses effectively to the letter and spirit.

They sincerely appealed to all that their earnest support and active cooperation and united efforts can only make them elected to the power of DHAC.

It is further said that long generation of corrupt and irresponsible leaders elected in the past both national and regional political parties to the power in the DHAC on several terms witnessed their incompetent oiling, found no development except corruption and misappropriation of development funds.

So, it is their strong commitment to the people of Dima Hasao district to challenge those corrupt practices and determined to root out all incompetent leaders and bring pro-people, responsible and dean administration for al round development and peace if we are elected to power through your kind and wholehearted support and cooperation. '