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One more killed in Mob in Ganeshguri, Curfew continues in capital

One killed in Police firing today at the blast spot where the angry public came out on the city roads in demand of justice to the deaths of the blasts.

Police who have been claiming the situation is under control lost its temperament while controlling mob who came out on the roads to seek justice. The security forces who have been on the regular duty on the GS road and was monitoring the spot after the BJP leader has visited the spot, encountered a mob in fast.

"We are just patrolling the cite while a mob come out of the Christian Basti area and become ferocious and throw stones on us", said a CRPF man. The firing wounded a young man who has been rapidly taken to the International Hospital nearby.

"People of Assam has no security. All these security officer are the culprits who let the terrorist to bring the explosives and let us die. We simply need justice and the Govt. and the administration is liable for the justice", alleged Hemen Kalita, an agitator.

"The police who were on duty fired on the public and it touched one man who might be dead. Who will save us, at one end there is the terrorist and the other the security forces who thinks all of us terrorist. We are normal civilianns who needs justice. Govt. has always said about the compensations and sooner they also avoid it delicately. Last day more than 80 people were killed and the toll is till rising and can only money save their existence? Who will look after their dreams and family? the Government or the Terrorist? both needs their own things to be done. We request the constitutional heads that this is the high time. We are now ready to die for justice because life here has no value whether in political nor in so called human oorganisations", expressed the crowd who are a p[art of the mob.

The security officials ignored the firing incident and said its a part of controlling the situation. Sooner the whole Ganeshguri area and the GS Road has been declared an indefinite curfew after the firing.
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Congress Government is the killer. Lets be a voice not a victim.
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Now this is another feather to the cap of Assam Govt. The security forces deployed for the purpose of stability stars firing to the local public already scorched by bestial forces. The epitome of inhuman activity that you can ever think of. I salute u congress govt for this and also for previously claiming that there are no Bangladeshis in Assam.
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Central/State govt. in every state shows their full failure to stop these terror attack on innocent public. Instead of depending on govt. we must unite together against terrorism, otherwise we all will die in forthcoming days.
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ULFA hadn't done this and please don't blame all Muslim community in Assam and don't be panic. Face the situation boldly and firmly but don't loose patient.
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The violence created by the some people in Ganeshguri is very unfortunate. Instead of Burning of ambulance & fire tender vehicles those people should have tried to move the injured to nearest hospitals, which might have reduced at least one casualty. This act of violence seems to be a pre-planed activity, may be that terrorists behind the blasts have used the sentiments of local peoples to deteriorate the situation. Lets hope that this sort of incidence never happens anywhere. And most important is that no party should use this sort of incidents for political mileage but should unitedly stand for the best. Rest all depends on us.
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Tarun Gogoi and Badruddin Ajmal are responsible.If assamese have even an iota of self respect, they will chase these people from Assam and decimate the Bangladeshi Muslims. Start by blasting the office of Ajmal's party and then blast that terrorist himself. Next blast Tarun, the Bangladeshi
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Most unfortunate incidence of human tragedy in the history of Assam has occurred on 30th oct'2008, which has shaken soul of Assamese people. We must now try hard to find new path for a better tomorrow for our coming generation,else our survival will be at stake.
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Which Indian CM sees off Haj pilgrims at the airport? The CM had time to see them off at Borjhar but had no time to visit the blast site or the victims. If this is not going to increase sectarian tendencies what will?

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